About me... always intimidating, like being put on the spot and asked your opinion in a crowded meeting - not my better thing!  I went through the entire (almost year-long) preparation for baratric surgery at Toronto Western - and kudos to them for having an excellent program, one which prepares you physically, nutritionally, emotionally and psychologically for what you might face. My surgery date initially came up in April but I was wrestling with some serious issues with my 93 year old mum who I had moved in with me this time last year - the timing was wrong.  Frankly, I also had serious reservations about the surgery - the reality being I can't beyond it is a form of mutilating what nature has wrought.  So what has changed?  Diabetes, fully blown and I have so far proven to be allergic to any medication they have tried.  Exhaustion and sore limbs - particularly knees (both but one in particular from a very catestrophic cycling accident five years ago)- lack of energy, but most of all a lack of ability to DO what I would like. As someone who once upon a time was incredibly active (hiking, weights, yoga, aerobics, weightlifing and cycling)- this body feels some kind of horrific armour that holds me captive... So got back in touch with Toronto Western and will find out in the next few months whether and hopefully when I can get surgery.  

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Oct 16, 2018
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