December 26, 2007

Dec 26, 2007

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, I know I did!  Again, I haven't posted in a while, but there really hasn't been much to say.  I don't get onto the site as much as I used to; you find yourself drifting away when you aren't in as much need of support!  My life has definitely changed so much from my weight loss journey.  

Some fun new developments:  I recently bought a new pair of boots.  They are black, high-heeled, and knee high with a zipper.  I can't remember the last time I could put on a pair of boots like this and actually be able to zip them up without worrying I was actually going to sever chunks of my leg with the zipper!  Today I'm wearing the new boots with a beautiful, silky shirt I bought at Kohl's recently, paired with a nice black skirt in a size 4.  The skirt is a little bit too big, but it's harder finding size 2's than you would think!  I feel like a million bucks today!  

I'm still waiting for my hair to return to normal, and I'm not sure it ever will.  I didn't think I had all that much hair before, but I must have actually had a ton, because I've lost SO much of it.  I do have new growth though, and I can tell, because I've got patches of hair that are about 2 1/2 inches long poking up in different parts of my scalp!  I know it's a good thing, but my hair just looks so raggedy!  Prayers for new hairs folks!

I've met many new people in the last few months, and when they hear I've lost over a hundred pounds in the past year, they just can't believe it.  Oddly enough, that old me just doesn't cross my mind much anymore.  Some people ask if they can see pictures of the old me, but I almost don't want to show them, because I only want them to know the "me" they know, not the "old me" they never did!  Now, of course, I don't mind sharing old and new me here, because that is what we are all here for, to support, encourage, and celebrate every pound lost!  I don't even carry around any old pictures of me at all.  Maybe I can just conveniently forget to ever put any of "old me" in my purse!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year coming up.  Stay skinny!


October 23, 2007

Oct 23, 2007

I am now only one week away from my one year "surgiversary".  I have now lost 100 pounds, in a little under a year.  If you told me I would have lost this much weight when I was getting started with this whole process, I would have told you "That will never happen".  I spent hours scouring OH forum boards, especially looking at the "before and after" pictures members had posted.  I would attempt to compare myself to those of similar starting weight and height, but even then, I never imagined I would be one of those wonderfully thin "afters".  

I'm here to say, it's official, I am a wonderfully thin "after".  I pray each and every day that I am able to stay that way!  I'm now wearing  size 4 pants and small tops.  It is such a rush to shop for clothes this small.  Ironically, many stores do not stock this size, and if they do, they don't tend to have much of a variety.  I know, I know, what a terrible problem to have.  Trust me, I'm not complaining, just stating a fact.  I always thought there was a terrible selection of clothing available to heavier gals.  Now if I wanted to dress like my 86 year old Grandma, I could probably find something of the "leisure suit" variety, but I'm young and always wanted my wardrobe to reflect it!

For my birthday, my husband recently bought me a beautiful black leather coat, which I have been wanting for years.  It's more difficult to find one in larger sizes, so I never allowed myself to have one.  I am so thrilled with it, and he even bought me a matching black leather belt with silver buckle.  I'm just now beginning to tuck in my shirts, and I must admit, I look pretty darn good!  I'll have to add some pictures.  I recently went to Oktoberfest and my friends said they were surprised my husband let me out of the house looking so good!  Now, I know I can chalk some of that up to just having really good friends, but I think they really meant it!

I continue to be very cold most of the time.  With winter coming on, I'm sure it will only get worse before it gets better.  I realize I no longer have any built in insulation to keep me warm.  On the flip side, I'm not hot all the time anymore!  My husband and I are constantly at odds on what temperature the house should be, and whether or not the ceiling fan should be on.  I can no longer sit in the living room with him without covering myself with a blanket! I've been sitting at my desk all day today with my jacket on, and I have been rather comfortable and cozy.  Usually, when I'm working, my hands get very cold and make for difficult typing, but today, I'm doing just great.

I can honestly say I have been 100% happy and satisifed with my choice to have gastric bypass surgery.  I questioned my decision only somewhat prior to having it done.  I believe I even had a few minutes of doubt the day after I came home from the hospital, but only a short few.  For those of you who are considering having it done, it is worth every minute of eating less and the minute of pain you may experience post op.  If your doctor thinks you are a good candidate, and your insurance will cover it, I say GO FOR IT!  It will truly change the way you live your life!

August 20, 2007

Aug 20, 2007

Hello everyone,

Well, there really isn't much new to add.  I realize it has been a month since my last post, but honestly, life is just moving right along.  It's funny how I've settled into my new "self".  I almost don't think about the old me anymore.  When I look in the mirror and see myself now, it's almost as if I've always been this way.    I am feeling great, and I'm so happy I had the courage to have this surgery.  

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took both of our daughters to the new city swim park.  It was wonderful.  There were 4 water slides, kiddie pool, and it was so much fun.  I actually wore a bathing suit (a two piece tankini), and I wasn't embarrased to do it!  Aside from having super white legs, I didn't feel self conscious at all!  The funny thing is that my husband wouldn't take his t-shirt off.  He felt his belly looked too tubby!  This is the same man who has been a fitness buff for as long as I have known him, and in the last year or so has begun to let himself go.  Wearing his t-shirt at the pool has him seriously contemplating the state of his current fitness!

I hope everyone is doing well, and you're losing weight like mad-people!  Have a great week!  :)

July 9, 2007

Jul 09, 2007

Another new month, more pounds gone.  I went to a baby shower on Saturday, and one of the games was "Whose purse weighs the most"?  The idea was to put each one on a scale to see who carried around the most mommy stuff.  Well, there was one little problem.  It was one of those glass electronic scales, and it wouldn't weigh just the purse.  Well, the new me quickly volunteered to weigh without, and with each purse.  I hopped on, without any of the fear of years past, and proudly displayed my weight to all: 122!  I was so tickled.  I would have never publicly weighed myself before!  Then, of course, I weighed with each one of the purses.  That of course, was not the exciting part!

Another wow moment for me--I was recently in a new clothing store called Christopher and Banks.  I was trying on a pair of khaki capris.  I grabbed a size 8 off the rack (that is what I've been wearing).  They were too big!  I grabbed a 6--also TOO BIG!  SO, when I tried on the 4 and they fit perfectly, I had to leave the store with them.  I wasn't really planning on buying anything while I was there because the prices were a little more than I like to pay (I'm a real tightwad).  But, you know, when you wear your first size 4's in 25 years, you just have to buy them to commemorate the occasion!  I will try to add a pic of myself in them at some point!

I hope all of you reading this are doing well, and are either approved and on your way to surgery, or post op like me and enjoying all the wonderful benefits of surgery!

June 4, 2007--Additional Note

Jun 04, 2007

I have to say a BIG Thank You to Haven.  She is such a sweetheart.  She sent me two pairs of VERY nice pants, and I am in desperate need right now.  She sent me a message telling me not to worry about the postage even!  (Of course I sent it, because I wouldn't want her to be out of pocket for it).  I joke to people that if it weren't for my friends, I'd be naked!

June 4, 2007

Jun 04, 2007

Hello again everyone.  I had some wow moments in the past couple of days that I want to share (they are small, but mean something to me).  A friend gave me a pair of white capris from Old Navy, in a size 6.  I figured I should put them with some other things to try on a few weeks or so from now, but instead, I thought "What the heck, I'll just try 'em on now, just to see how far I have to go".  Well, I did, and they fit great.  They weren't even snug on me at all!  I assume they run a teeny bit big in size, but still, I WORE A SIZE 6!  I never, ever imagined I would wear that size again in my life!  I haven't been this weight in over 15 years!  

I got on the scale last night and weighed in at 128 pounds.  I was stunned to see I had gone below 130.  It's always such a shocker to me every time I drop down to the next 10 pound mark.  My goal is 115, so now I am only 13 pounds from my goal, and in just seven months!  I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world.  I'm not shy at all anymore about being seen by people from my past.  I no longer worry about them running to mutual friends and saying "You won't believe how fat she got".  Now I feel confident and happy about how I look.  Even if I never get to my goal of 115 I can be happy with where I am now.  Oh, the other part of my wow moment, you ask?  I was outside a few minutes ago, sitting on the patio in the back of my office (it's so darn cold inside, me and a friend decided to get some sun).  I had pulled my dress up to just over my knees to get a little sun (discreetly of course) and when I looked at my legs I realized they actually looked thin to me!  WOW!  I can't remember the last time I ever thought I had thin legs...maybe in high school, which was 19 years ago!  Of course, my poor legs are as white as the page I'm writing on, and I got lots of advice from my co-workers on ways to tan without tanning beds!  I warned them to not look directly at my legs for fear of going blind!

Anyway, I hope all of you reading this are also having a wonderful weight loss journey, or you are on your way to one!  Remember, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!

May 15, 2007

May 15, 2007

Another month has passed, and I'm another 5 pounds lighter.  I've lost 80 pounds to date, and I'm down to 132 lbs.  I am really wanting to get out and go shopping now!  I still have absolutely no money to spend on new clothes, and it is driving me nuts.  I know it would be silly to go out and buy a lot of new things anyway because I am still dropping sizes.  

I made the mistake of stopping by my local Dress Barn the other day.  I ran in to pick up a cute piece of jewelry for my secret pal at Bunko, but of course, I had to browse the selection of clothes as well.  There are the cutest dresses, skirts, tops, pants, shorts, etc.  It's been so long since I could wear these really neat things that I had stopped thinking about dressing really cute.   Now it's all I can think about.  My husband lost his job 2 1/2 months ago, completely out of the blue, and I have been doing my best to support all of us while he looks for a new job.  He has tons of experience, and a master's degree in business to boot, but the job market where we live is just a big void!  

I am not used to not being able to spend a little money here and there, and I cannot think of a worse time to not be able to update my wardrobe as I lose weight.  I've been digging through my closet looking for pants that fit, and everything has gotten too big.  I need to make a trip to the tailor to have some things altered so they can still be worn!  Anyway, enough about my complaints!  My weight loss is slowing down now that I've gotten so much smaller, but I can tell I am still losing inches.  

I have had some recent pictures taken, and as I always say, I'm really going to get them posted here soon!  How many times will I say that before it is actually true?  Who really knows!

One really odd thing I have become extremely aware of since losing weight is changes in temperature.  I seem to be cold much of the time now, and it is always freezing in my office.  My hands get so cold I can barely type.  My fingers get really stiff.  My  husband likes to have the air conditioner on at home at full blast and all the ceiling fans on as well.  He keeps telling me to put on more clothes, and I tell him to take some off!

Another thing I find interesting is the way I am treated by other people.  Overall, people are much nicer, they go out of their way to be helpful, hold doors, and speak to me, whereas before, I may never have even gotten a second glance.  It is such an odd thing, because I am still the same girl I was before, only I look much different.  I'm sure others must also experience this same type of behavior on a grand scale!

April 16, 2007

Apr 16, 2007

Funny how I promised myself I would keep my profile updated on a regular basis, and it's already been over a month since I was here last.  More exciting things have happened since my last post.  I am now 5 1/2 months out, and have lost 75 pounds!  The changes are amazing!  I started this journey weighing 212 pounds, and today I weigh 137!  I'm only 22 pounds from goal!  I never really dreamed it would actually happen!  

I've been through my closet again, and I'm officially wearing the smallest things I have worn in years.  Since I always had a tendency to keep everything I outgrew with the thought I would wear them again one day when I lost weight, I have had a variety of sizes to wear as I have lost weight.  Sadly, I am now down to my smallest size, and in need of the next size down.  In the nick of time, my friend recently gave me 4 bags of clothes, which included several pair of jeans and casual slacks.  There are even some for the next size down from that, so I'll have a little bit for then too.   I'm going to try to remember to take some current pictures and post them so you can all see how teeny I am getting!  I am so happy.  I will say AGAIN that I would have the wls again in a heartbeat.  

I will say that losing weight hasn't changed my life. I'm not happier, or richer, and my problems didn't go away, but I never expected those things to happen.  I am healthier, lighter, more flexible, and feel tons better than I have in years.  I'm no longer embarrassed about having my picture taken, and I love running into old friends.  I'm planning my 20 year high school class reunion, and I'm thrilled and anxious to meet up with my classmates.  A year ago, I wouldn't have even considered it!  There have been many positive changes in my life.  My six year old no longer tells me I'm going to break something if I sit on it, and she no longer asks me when I'm "going to be skinny like her Aunt Candy".    I hope all of you who read this can be inspired by all the wonderful changes you CAN expect in your lives!

March 9, 2007

Mar 09, 2007

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks since my last confession, I mean post!  A lot has been happening.  I'm getting to the point where most of the things I own no longer fit, even the smaller things in my closet.  I have "undergrown" so many things at this point, it is just amazing.  I have already undergrown the new Levis I bought just a few weeks ago.  This is good and bad, since I now have to buy a new pair!  I bought 2 pair of slacks recently in a size 12.  I'm wearing a pair today, and they are getting very loose and baggy in the thighs and crotch.  Yippee!

Not a day goes by where I don't receive compliments about how good I am looking.  Friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and family members alike have all been so encouraging and positive.  It's funny because I've never been very comfortable with compliments, but now I just love to get them.  I still blush, but at least now it's easier to believe what people are saying is true.  Things have really begun to sag in the, um, chest section.  What used to be on the upper 3rd of my torso is now leaning more toward the lower third!  Oh well, no matter what, it has still been worth every minute!  I've lost 63 pounds so far, and only have about 34 pounds left to reach my goal, and it's all happened in only 4 months.  Isn't it incredible?  Yippee!  I hope all of you reading this are equally successful in your weight loss endeavors!

February 22, 2007

Feb 22, 2007

It's always interesting what each new month or week brings.   I'm currently down 58 pounds!  I'm down to 154 pounds, and it's so amazing.  I'm not too far from my goal weight of 115.  How unimaginable is that?  I went to the store last weekend to buy some new pants.  The size 16 slacks I was wearing had to be retired.  My good friend and co-worker took one look at me and told me specifically "Do not EVER wear those pants again.  They do NOT look good on you."  Now, if you haven't guessed, she is very honest with me, and always gives her opinion of my appearance.  I can always count on her to give it to me straight!  

SO, off to the store I go to find a new pair of pants.  I pull several pair of size 14 pants off the rack and head to the dressing room.  As I'm trying them on, I realize they are baggy in the waist and thighs, so I decided to get some size 12's to try on.  I figured they would probably be too snug, but decided "what the heck", and tried them on anyway.  They fit great!  To celebrate, I bought 2 pair!  Now the only problem is that I have to find the time to take them for alterations.  Summer is the only time I can buy pants that aren't too long, thanks to capris!

I will take some new pictures and post them soon!  Maybe I'll even take some of me in my new pants!  Keep the faith all, if your day hasn't come yet, it will, and you'll be in my shoes before you know it!  Thanks to everyone for caring and being interested in my journey!

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