GOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! -- Now what?

Sep 07, 2009

When I started this journey, I set my goal with my surgeon at 185 lbs.   So, on Saturday, Sept 5, 2009 at 5 1/2 months out from RNY surgery, I hit 185 lbs -- at total loss of 118 lbs (30 prior to surgery, 88 since surgery).    Now comes the hard part.    What do I do from here?  

I've lost weight before but I've always gained it back plus more.  I don't want to do that again.  This is the point at which I've always screwed it up in the past.   So I need to REALLY make sure I nail this maintenance transition correctly.

New Goal?
I see my surgeon and nutritionist tomorrow for my 6 month post-op visit (not quite 6 months but this is when they scheduled it).   Given how fast I hit goal and that I'm still in the "honeymoon period", I'm guessing that we'll be discussing setting a new goal.     I can see myself going down maybe another 10-15 lbs to 170.  Right now, I don't think I want to go below that.   If we set a new goal, that may make all these questions moot for today.   However, I'm going to have the same questions a couple of months from now, so I really want to understand it.

How do I slow things down?
I'm almost embarrassed to ask this given the struggles I see folks having with stalls here.   But, how do I slow the loss down?   I was assuming that I would come in for a "soft landing" at goal but I'm still losing at a pretty good clip.

Month 1         25-Apr       -23.5
Month 2         25-May      -22.7
Month 3         25-Jun      -13.5
Month 4         25-Jul       -13.0
Month 5         25-Aug     -10.4
Month 6         25-Sep       -5.2 (so far over 2 weeks)

I had been shooting for 850 net calories per day (total intake minus exercise as per DailyPlate).   So for me this normally worked out to 1100 intake and 250 or so exercise per day for a net of 850.   I'm always between 85 and 110 on my protein but usually closer to 95 - 100.     I exercise usually 7 days a week but it isn't extremely vigorous.   Right now I'm walking 2.85 miles in 45 min on 5 days, weights on 1 day, and EA Active 30 day challenge on 1 day.   I shoot for approx 250 calorie burn on each of those.

For the past two weeks, I bumped up my calorie intake to 1300-1350 to try and slow things down a bit (going for the soft landing), but, if anything, it may have speeded things up.   I zoomed right by the goal and I'm still going.

So, how do you find that right point of calorie intake and exercise to maintain?

What am I really burning per day?

So, last week I bought one of those GoWear Fit monitors to see what I'm really burning.   I've only had it 3 days but my calorie burn for those three days was 2601, 2504 and 3108.   So according to that I'm running at a calorie deficit of at least 1150 per day.   Which  works out to a 2.3 lbs/week loss ((1150 * 7days)/3500 cal per pound lost).    I don't see how in the world I could get up to 2500 calories per day to even out that calorie burn.   

So, I'm thrilled to be "at goal" but now a new "hard part" starts.



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