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"I had (2) pre-op visits with Kyle Rose, as recommended by my surgeon. I decided after surgery that I needed more nutritional support and reached back out to continue. I meet with Kyle once a month and I find the visits absolutely invaluable to my post-surgery journey. Kyle keeps detailed notes about me and my progress, checks in on suggestions he may have made regarding both nutrition and exercise, and is great about answering my many questions each month. I find it extremely helpful to be able to jot down questions in between sessions and fully trust the information and opinions that Kyle offers. I would not even consider continuing along this path without the regular input of a professional, as it is such a major life and lifestyle change. Kyle is very knowledgeable and always has answers to my questions, suggestions for foods and supplements, and encouragement about exercise. He is very thorough in his explanations, but at the same time makes it very easy for me to understand. Any time that I've stumped him with a question (not often), he is quick to send me a reply by email once he's had a chance to do his research. I highly value his experience and his opinion."
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