Week 1

Jun 01, 2010

Ok, I will freely admit it. The first three days SUCKED. I was nauseated by everything, I was exhausted, I was in pain.  But day 4 things started to perk up, I started to be able to get more liquids in and even a few sips of protein drinks. Today marks one week post op and I am getting all 64 ounces of liquids in and working on the protein.  I have averaged 20 grams per day the last two days, which is of course not enough, but I am getting there. The protein drinks really stick to my ribs, as grammy would say. The best news is that on the day of surgery I was 255 and this morning I am 241.8, yay! Thats all for now!

Week 1 -13.2 lbs



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