Taking the time again to  work on health its been 13 years and 300lbs down at a weight of 315 i decided time to do a revision on 1/6/21 im ready





Hello family I know it has been a long time since I have visited but I have been trying to get my act together I must say I havent lost anymore it seems i am gaining as of today I am still 280 dealing with fluid and all I am working out walking more and doing more things I think I am now in serch to have a revision my goal is to get to 190 lbs but it seems so hard now if anyone have any suggestions feel free to hit me up but dont get me wrong I do thank God to where he has brought me to I was 560 and im down to 280 I have had breast and stomach done and had my daughter who now by the way will be four next montha and my son will be 15 this year which is such a blessing so I thank him for it all but I am about to get off I am going to try and get on more than I use to but I wanna thank u all for your suppors

/Hello family I am now on too the second page if you would like to read the old profile just go in. I havent emailed u in a while I am starting back to loose weight I guess Iwas at a plato I stayed at 279 for the longest and I am now down to 260 i am so ready o get dowm to 200 which is my goal and then I will go from there. I love yall and God Bless...... 02/14/2007 Hello family I am sorry I haven been on in a while I have had a lot of stuff going on.. I am happy to say I have gotten down to 265lbs. I am trying to get to my goal of 200lbs but it seems to be taking a minute but I know I will get there. 
Hello family I know that it has been a long time just about a year since I have updated. Well alot has gone in a year I am now in a wonderful relationship that is actually about to be a year in febuary I know it was because of my weight that  I was unable to stay happy in a relationship because of my weight and not being able to do as I wanted and please because of my weight and it became a straing on alot of the relationships that I was in but it was also a learning experience because I had to go through what I had to go through in order to appreciate the one that I have right now. Enough of all that mushy stuff I also went under another plastic surgery procedure in which I was bacincally going in for a thigh plasty but because I had well still have a lot of hanging skin I did have a lot of bulky fatty tissue so I ended up having lipo suction for the first phase in which they took off 25 pouds but I will say this. That was the most painful surgey I have had and I have had a lot I had a breast lift, my pannis removed which means the lower half of stomach in which they took off 45 lbs of fat then by it self, my gallbladder removed and two children by csection but that darn lipo is not joke and I ended up with an infection on my right thigh that they said was cellulitus but I truly beliebve that it was something else but it is all better now and I am ready for phase two but I have to go all back through the crazy paperwork because I have medicare. I also want to weight until I get to my goal of 200 lbs anyway before I have the last surgery done becaude I now it is still gonna hang more but I want less as possible.
I havent been on in so long it just seems as if I have so much to say but I dont want to bore anyone so I think I am gonna say good night well goodmorning it is 3 am and I cant sleep but anyway God Bless and keep me in yall's prayers as well as I will keep yall in mind...................

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