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04/08/03-yesterday I called to get information. sending info back. I finally made up my mind that I was going to have the surgery. well talk to when I have an up date. 04/10/03-rec'd registration paper. doctors says they will call me within 10working days to schedule orientation and set up first appt. getting a little nervous. 04/20/03-have not heard from surgeon office yet, but I did find out that he would be covered under my insurance. hopefully this week I will get my first call. I can't wait until I can meet with the surgeon. I hope that it is a smooth transition. 04/21/03-I thought that I would hear from the Dr today, but no luck. hopefully by the end the week I will have some news. wait for update..... 04/25/03-FINALLY!!! THE DOCTORS OFFICE CALLED WITH MY FIRST APPT AND ORIENTATION DATE. YEAH!!!! BAD NEWS I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL JULY, OH WELL I GUESS IT'S A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. WELL UNTIL NEXT TIME SEE YOU LATER. 04/26/03-forgot to tell you my surgeon's name. he Dr James Wallace of Milwaukee. I picked him because of the information here. just want to tell you a little about myself. I guess I should have done it at the beginning, but oh well here we go. I am 28 years old and have been overweight all of my like. I have to tell you that I would have never consider weight loss surgery a year ago. The reason I am considering it now and hope to have it is because have four beautiful children two boys(2,10) and two girls(1,6) I want to be able to be more active with them and be able to run around with them. I knew I had to do something about my weight when I had my last child and I seen the dx which was normal pregnancy and MORBID OBESITY. when I seen those words my heart dropped. I thought that I could go through life and not worry about being big, but when we go to amusement parks or water parks I can't ride the rides with my children and I can't walk for long periods of time. I have reading on this site for about six months and you guys are my inspiration. I will try to keep you up-to-date with my progress good and bad! I would really like to thank the members of this site. you guys are so supportive. until next time....... 04/29/03-hello just thought I would give another update.. I called insurance company because I was confused as to if I need a referral or not. they told I didn't a referral, but I did need the doctor to write a letter of medical necessity for any type of weight loss program, well made appt with Dr. that on05/03/03. wish me luck.

05/05/03-saw my Dr. today and she said that she will send the letter of medical necessity over to the insurance. I thought it would be harder to convince her of this, but on a lower note my blood pressure is still up. I have to go back in four weeks to get it check again. 05/09/03-my pcp called today and she is sending off my letter of medical necessity. well I hope everything goes find. I finished school yesterday and I am so happy I have the summer off. I can live a normal life again yeah!!!! I don't know how I really should feel. on one hand I can't wait until my surgery is done and over with and the other hand I'm scared as hell of what my life will be after surgery. well I guess that all I have to say for right now.... 05/17/03-hello everybody. I just wanted to update you on my journey. on Wednesday doctors office called and said that my letter of medical necessity was ready and they faxed me a copy and mailed me a copy. I mailed to the insurance company that same day. tomorrow I'm taking my kids to the indoor water park at the Wisconsin Dells. well I'll post when it comes back... 05/27/03--hello everybody. just wanted to up dated you. well there is really not anythng new except that I went to doctor on friday and I am now dx with hypertenson and I was put on a water pill. I did enjoy the dells, but I am getting tired of waiting for my insurance. tomorrow I will give them a call to see where they are at. well talk to you later hello everybody this me again I have no knew news, but just want to update. I went to the doctor on friday and I dx with hypertension and they put me on a water pill, well I guess this is for the best. I can't wait to hear from the insurance company. well until next time i will talk to you guys later. 05/31/03-hello everyone...nothing new really, but I did call my insurance company and they said that they received my letter and was reviewing my file. I hope that this goes quick because I'm tired of waiting, but I guess if I waited this long I can keep waiting. I hope that by this time next year I will be finally over this and will already have my surgery. Hopefully by christmas. until next time.

06/08/03-I have been trying to update my page for the past week with no sucess. so I will try this again. I rec'd a letter from the insurance company saying that I need to have a psych eval. Monday I will call to make this appt. I have to say though so far I have not had any problems with my insurance company and my pcp is really nice about the whole. when ever they call her for more information she is right on top of she calls and gives me updates as to what she needs and every thing. I just hope that everything goes okay. well gotta go will update when I have somemore news. 06/11/03- well I made the appt for the psch eval at first it was for july 24th, but the therapist called me back on and said she could see me tomorrow. hopefully everthing will go well. you guys wish me luck so far had no big problems got my fingers crossed. hello everybody this me again I have no knew news, but just want to update. I went to the doctor on friday and I dx with hypertension and they put me on a water pill, well I guess this is for the best. I can't wait to hear from the insurance company. well until next time i will talk to you guys later. 06/08/03-I have been trying to update my page for the past week with no sucess. so I will try this again. I rec'd a letter from the insurance company saying that I need to have a psych eval. Monday I will call to make this appt. I have to say though so far I have not had any problems with my insurance company and my pcp is really nice about the whole. when ever they call her for more information she is right on top of she calls and gives me updates as to what she needs and every thing. I just hope that everything goes okay. well gotta go will update when I have somemore news. 06/11/03- well I made the appt for the psch eval at first it was for july 24th, but the therapist called me back on and said she could see me tomorrow. hopefully everthing will go well. you guys wish me luck so far had no big problems got my fingers crossed. 06/21/03-had my first appt with the pschologist and I was scared for nothing. he told me that I would have to see him three to four times, but it will go quick because it will be once a week. he just ask me a couple of questions about how I was feeling and how long i have been overweight. I go back to see him next friday and that when I will do my personality test. he told me that he has done a lot of evaluations for baritric surgey and it is very rare that he has said that a person is not a good candidate. well that all for now. sorry that my page is all screwed up, but I was updating my page, but it would not show up. I thought I had did something wrong i don't know well until i post again. 06/30/03-hello every body this shantell again. I went to the orentation at froedert hospital and it was very informational. it put everything in reality for me. I can visualize myself having the surgey. the surgeon did say that he requries everyone to lose at least ten percent of their weight which for me will be about forty pounds i figure, but I'm not for sure. I will find out when I have my consult on aug 4th. the bad news is that i probaly won't be having surgery until early next year. also I have been going to see the pschologist and I have one more appt with him on july 2nd. I hope that it will go smooth like it has been going. well gotta go will talk to you guys later.

07/08/03-hello everybody! just wanted to update. well really there is no update just felt like writing. I feel a little blue today. I have so much on my mind that I don't know what to do with all of this information. I can't wait to have surgery, but at the same time I am a little nervous it's like reality has set in. i just want to thank you guys for all of your support. and all of the information that you give to all of us pre-ops. 07/10/03-well guys I had my last appt with the head doctor and guess what! he has cleared me for surgery. he said that he think that I am a good canidate for surgery. I'm so happy. another hurdles has been jumped over. i was so happy that i did not know what to do. 07/18/03-hello everybody. just wanted to say hi and hope everybody is doing okay. well this week i have been a little tired--really don't know why, but that is okay i will try to get some rest this weekend. all this week i have been try to picture myself as a smaller will i feel? I don't know. oh well. needless to say I can't wait to get the surgery done. lately I been try to do thing that I will have do after I have surgery.. like take thirty to forty-five min to eat and not drink while i'm eating(that is the most diffcult thing right there, not being able to drink at the same time. I have done a lot of soul searching the past year and up until about a month ago I really wasn't sure if I was doing right thing. I only say that because of all of the sterotypes that are out there about overweight people and wls. I know people don't understand, but I am one of them people who tends feed off of others opionions. I'm trying to change that though. so wish me luck. Well I guess I have been babbling on all about nothing but just had to get somethings off of my chest about the way I have been feeling this week.

08/03/03-hello every one just wanted to say hello and to let you all know I go for my consult tomorrow with dr wallace. I am surprised becuse I thought i would be nervous, but i'm not i guess that means I really made up my mind and this is what i want to do. well i will update you guys tomorrow to let you know how everything went. 08/06/03-Hello everyone!!just wanted to say that I met dr wallace yesterday and he is very nice. He did tell that I would have to loose about thirty pounds before surgery so I will try my hardest and I also have to stop smoking. I have to give up soda for a while to. since I have to do this I went to the store and bought crystal light. it taste pretty good too. the recepcionist told me that they are scheduling for surgery for november and early december. So hopefully it will be in jan i thinking. the only test he want done was the pschy eval which I have already done already. I hope everything keeps going this smoothly. 08/13/03-called psch dr to find out forms were sent he called back today and said my report was mailed off today. so hopefully the dr office will get it by friday and they can submit to the insurance company. well that all I have for right now. oh yeah I forgot to mention that I have to lose 32 pounds. and I'm shorter than what I thought I was. 08-16-03-hello everybody just wanted to say hello and let everyone know that there is no new news. and that I am in very high spirits right now. that all i have to say for now. 08/19/03-called dr office yesterday to see if they rec'd evaluation. called pschy and they said they should be mailing it anyday now so i guess I WILL HAVE TO PLAY THE WAITING GAme. geeting anxious.

09/04/03-sorry it's been so long since I posted. been busy getting kids and myself ready for school. I have not heard from the dr office yet. hopefully i will be hearing from them real soon. i also have lose a few more pounds they are coming off slowly because i have to lose 30 pounds before surgery.

12/07/03-I know that it has been a while since the las time I updated, nothing new is going on. I still have not heard from the surgeon yet and I am getting really fustrated.I have thought about going to see another surgeon, because this one is taking to long to submit to my insurance. I would feel better if this had been submitted and the it was the insurance company that was taking all day, but that is not the case. well that all I have to say right now.


01/03/04- Hello everyone. i have not updated in while. just wanted to let you know that i have not heard anything yet. since about a month ago when they call to get the address to my primay dr address. i thought by now that i would have already had a date or something. i am getting really fustrated with this whole process. i seen my surgeon back in aug, that was four months ago. what is the hold up. this is really making me mad, but i'm being patient. on another note. christmas and new years was good. i will update you again in the near future. Hopefully the next time i post it will to give good news.

02/04/04- I haven't posted in a while. I know, but i haven't had any good news. well to give a quick updat, I decided that I am going to change surgeon, because I am just tired of waiting so I will go see Dr Kumar on 02/23/04. I will let you know how it goes. 02/14/04-well just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know that nothing has changed. I have about a week before i have my consult. I can't wait until I have surgery I was sitting here thinking about all the thing I would be able to do. here is a sample of the list. 1. sit in chairs with arms on them DONE 2. walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath DONE 3. take a bath and be able to fit comfortably in the bath tub 4. go swiming with the kids and not feel like everyone is laughing at me 5. go to the amusement parks and being able to fit in the seats on the rides. 6. go to las vegas. haven't went because I know I would have to by to seats. have not made here yet, too poor!!!!!!!!! 7. not feeling out of place when I go to a public place.accomplisherd 8. being able to shop at a regular department store. done 9. being able to run around with my kids or when I pick them up not having them being embarressed of my because I'm fat. done 10. I know this sounds silly, but being able to wear my fiance's clothes just cause. DONE AS OF 07/29/04 02/23/04-hello everybody. Well I had my appt with the Dr. Kumar and everything went well. I like him a lot and he explained everything to me even showed a diagram of how he would be doing the procedure. The only down side if their has to be on is that I will be have the procedure done open. I don't mind though, If everything goes well he said I should hear something in about a month or so. I am really excited and my boyfriend is very supportive of me. I don't if I told you guys about him, but we have been together for 11 years and have a pretty good relationship, I'm glad that he was supportive of me have the surgery done, even though he likes just the way I am, but he understands this is for my health and for our family. Oh yeah I had all of my blood work done today as well. well I have to go due mommie things now, but I will keep you updated.

03/22/04-well finally after almost a year and two surgeon my paperwork has finally been sent to the insurance company. I am so excited and I have not even been approved yet. I hope that everything goes smoothly considering all of the ups and downs that i have been through this pass year. I will keep you updated as soon as i find out something.

04/17/04-well guys it been a little over a year and I have watched many of you from beginning to end with having surgery and always wondered when was my time. I started to beleive that this was not for me because of how long it was taken, but after watching you guys go through this journey I kept my strength and beleived that my time would be coming. WELL IT'S MY TIME I HAVE BEEN APPROVED. ONCE i FIND OUT A DATE I WILL UPDATE YOU. 04/22/04-I GOT A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE HAVING SURGERY ON MAY 24,2004.

05/03/04- hey everybody just wanted to say hi and to let you know how excited i am. I never thought this day would come, but in 21 days, a little nap and i will offically be on the other side. just wanted to thank every one especially diane. she has been great. will post again before surgery. 05/9/04 Happy mother's day to all of you I hope that it was a good one. Mine was pretty my seven year old daughter made me breakfast in bed. you ready for this one it was a corndog, some soupy oatmeal two peieces of toast cut up apples on them, cup of jello and a glass of apple kool-aid, sounds good huh? Don't think so, but it was the thought that counted and she gave me a teddy bear that she made at school it was very cute. any way back to my countdown until I'm on the other side I am now dow to 14 days, that right guys two weeks, can't wait. I'm starting to get a little nervous now, but I know that everything will be okay. I have been praying and asking god to let me know if I am doing the right thing. I had to ask myself why was I questioning my decision because I really did not know why I was, but I realized that god did give my answer because ever since I found out I had a date I have been feeling a sense of calm come over me. I thought that I would be worried, but I'm not. Also I told my supervisor that I was having surgery, but I did not tell her what kind I was having because I already know how she feels about it, but that okay everyone has their own opinion. I have only told two people at work what my surgery was for and they understood. I figure once I go back to work and they see I have lost a lot of weight they will figure it out and maybe I will tell them then or may I will keep them guessing and speculating on why I am losing so much weigh. Wow I am just rambling on. but I am about to go to bed now. good night. 05/14/2004- hello everyone, just wanted to update.....I have my preops tomorrow and I am down to ten days before surgery, I am getting very anxious. my DH is getting scared as well, I have been trying to prepare my children, but that is very hard since they really don't know how serious this is. 05/21/04- I have four days to go and I am scared am scared as hell. I know this is the best thing for, but I am scared. I have thoughts of backing out, but I'm not. I never thought I would be scared. I keep asking myself what would my kids do without me, but I know that just nerves. 5/24-04-hello all! yes I know it let,but you know nerves get the best of you. just wanted to say I am so ready for this to happen, be done and back home. I want to thank everyone for all your support. I will post when I get back home. I'm down to 10hrs still not frantic, but nervous. 05/28/04-hello all....just wanted to say hi. I'm home from surgery and am very sore right now, but I will post later. thank you to the lord that I made it. 05/30/04-hello everyone right now I am 6 days post op and I am feeling much better. I had open rny on May 24th. I do have a long scare though,so let me tell you about the day of surgery. got to the hospital at about 8:15am, gave some urine, got my IV IN both arms. I was really nervous, but DH kept me calm he held my hand even though he was nervous himself. I tell ya my biggest fear was being put to sleep and not waking up. I thought since I kept telling the nurses, dr and everybody they would give me something to relax, but of course they tricked. They came and took me down to surgery and I waited out in the hall until the operating room was ready. The anestigogist(sorry for wrong spelling) came talked to me and calmed down with his humor and told that I have a really goog surgeon who just does his job. I went into the operating room oh was it cold in there, they put me on the operating table which was very narrow. The prep everything for the surgeon to due his work and than here is where the trick came in at they put a mask on my face and told me it was oxygen, but appartently not because the next thing I remember was being taking to recovery room moaning because my belly was hurting, I was only in surgery for about hour and fifteen min. After they got my pain under control, they took to the ICU where I had a lot of good nursing who really took care, including my husband, god blees his soul, he is so supportive and that day I realized how much he really loved me and how much I meant to him. He stayed with me until 8:30 that night. He did not want to go, but he had no choice because we have four children that needed to be put to bed. well that was my day of surgery and it was a breeze. I was up walking the next morning on my own. The nurses were really surprised. I stayed in the hospital until thursday, had my surgery on Monday morning. I have been on a full liquid diet until tuesday the 1 of june then I get to have baby food, can't wait, because I am tired of creamed soup. well that all for now I will post again later.

06/01/04-hello all just wanted to give a short up date I have lost 14lbs in one week woo hoo can't you see me smiling.I go see the dr on june 8th will update also I'm on pureed foods now. 06/08/04-hello all just wanted to update on my progress I am now on soft foods and can progress after about a week. I have lost another 8lb pounds wow what a difference. 06/21/04- hello all just wanted to update a little, today I broke down and bought a scale and now I weigh 355 thats 36lb pounds gone yeah!!!! I hope I don't get addicted to the scale. I can't wait until I am able to see the loss. My husband and mother both say they can see it, but I can't oh well one day. I hope by the end of the month I will be out of the 350's so keep your fingers crossed. I still do not have an appetetie but I hope that will change real soon, I have been getting about 40 oz of water in a day trying increase it. well that all for now. preop weight: 391 week 1: 391-14= 377 week 2: 377-8= 369 week 3: 369-8= 361 week 4: 361-6= 355 06/24/04- 355-6=349 07/18/04-349-19=330 08/19/04-330-6=324 01/28/05-324-45=279.5 05/03/05-279.5-27=252 05/11/05-252-3=249.5 03/27/06-212.5 6/24/04- I know I said I would not get addicted to the scale, but of course I did. I did really think the scale would move, but it did, to day I am down to 349 thats 43lbs gone forever in just 30 days. I can't beleive it, I can beleive how fast it has been dropping off. well I still don't have an appeitie, but I guess that will come. I try to get all of my water and protein in, but that is hard because I'm never hungry. I think I had my first experience with dumping yesterday off a sip of orange juice my stomach really cramped up for about thirty min. I just laid in the bed. I know that I really don't dump on sugar, but I won't touch anything that has more that 12grams of sugar. well that all for now.

07/11/04-hi all I know I haven't posted in about two weeks,but my father-in-law pasted away on july 6th so been dealing with that. my appetitie has finally came back, but now I don't what to eat. according to my scale I'm down to 340 so that a total of 50 pounds gone. 07/25/04-hello everybody,just wanted to update you guys. i have been doing really well,but I have to work on getting all of my water in. i am down between 335-330 i prefer the lesser, but i feel great. I still wearing the same clothes, but they are much bigger on me now. i can really see the difference. I did buy two new outfits now before surgery i was wearing 4x-5x now i am down to 26/28 i never thought i would see this day. I can't wait until I am able to wear a pair of jeans again. I went back to work two weeks ago and everyone said how different i looked, most of them did not know what i have done and that's the way it will stay until i fell like telling them.


09/2/04-Hi guys how you doing. I know it been a while since I posted. I have been doing fine. I feel like I have so much energy now and I am having fun. I did however have my first real experience with dumping OMG was I sick. I felt miserable for about four hours. I am still losing pretty good. I lose about ten pounds a month. I am somewhere between 300-310 right now. when I get under 300 I will be so happy I will do a dance. I go to the doctor thursday to check on my blood pressure. I am back in school so I am very busy now. I have learned that even though I am addicted to food and pepsi edge that I have be very careful. I don't eat a lot of things that I am not suppose to have, but sometimes I have a need for them. The one thing that I have found that really curves my taste buds for sweets is the sugar free fudgesicles they are sooooo good. well that's all for now. Future Update

10/24/04-sorry it been so long since I posted...I have been doing well and the weight has been comming off. I have got so many compliments and at work a lot of people don't know that I have had wls done so they are so curious as to how I have lost so much weight. I'm down 90lb and only have three pounds before I am under 300lbs. I have not been this small since I was sixteen. well will try to post more oftern. Future Update


11/29/04-hello all just wanted to updated you guys and say happy late thanksgiving and happy birthday too me!!!!!!!!! happy birthday too me!!!!. I am offically under 300lbs. yeah for me I weigh around 294. it has been over ten years since I weighed this much. I have so much more energy now and I feel have more self confidence about myself. I am so glad that I had this done. I have been asked if I would do all over again knowing what I know now. the answer YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/29/05-Hi all...I know I have not posted in while, but I just decided to post. I am down to 278. I am at a stand still now though. I have been between 277 and 281 for the past week in a half. I hope the scale will start to move again because I am getting really fustrated. Although I am happy with my weight loss thus far and love the feeling I am having. It seems the closer I get to my goal the harder it gets. well gotta go.

02/19/05-hello everybody, just wanted to give a little update on how I am doing. I have been loving this ride and I have so much energy now that I don't know what to do with it. I am now down to 269.5 as of today. which is a relief I was on a plateau for about three weeks boy is that nerve recking. but in the last two weeks I have lost about 10lbs yes. I can't remember how long it's been since I was this small. I'm 19lb pounds from my goal which was at around 250. Anything else I will be happy with right now I am down about 125. some where around their in 9 months that is something I never though I would accomplish. my husband keeps telling me that I'm skinny, but you know I still see a big person.

04/21/05-hi everyone just wanted to give an update you guys well lets say first i am full of energy and I am so glad that I had this surgery. second I'm down to 257-258. my goal was of 250. and the biggies news of all is I'm pregnant and that was a shock considering i already have four kids, but that's okay.


05/25/2007 - wow what a journey, I can say that I have not regreted having this surgery done. I can't beilieve that it has been three years, but I can say that since my last post I have had another son 09/10/2006 do after wait lost surgery let's see I lost just about 200 lb gained a little back, but that fine, had two sons and graduated from college. so happy anniversiy to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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