About to hit the eating season!!

Nov 16, 2011

Next week is Thanksgiving and that is the official start of the eating season. And New orleanians don't stop with New years!  Oh no, we start Carnival Season January 6 with King Cakes.  then the parades start, all leading up to MardiGras. and if we are lucky, our Saints will make it to the playoffs and even the super Bowl again which means more parties and eating!! Yikes and all I really have left to try is beef!! this could be very scary. Now, on my side I have the fact that I am still fairly new so I am still losing and getting into new clothes. those cute holiday clothes I have not been able to wear in years are looking pretty cute in my closet just waiting for me! I have a wonderful boy friend who has supported me so much by among other things cooking good thinks that are pouch friendly. I have his family  who several members have had surgery so there is a definite understanding factor there. and I have my family who while they can be food pushers seem to have been behaving themselves. So the worst enemy I could have would be myself if I fall off. Btu i also have so many friends and my support group and we can hold each other up!! Just gotta stay strong and keep realizing the rewards of  staying on course

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