New Year, New Me

Jan 15, 2010

Jan 16, 2010
Tomorrow is my 2 month anniversary. Seems time has gone by fast in some respects and slow in others. Its been 8  1/2 weeks since my surgery. I have lost 53 pounds total( including 20 prior to surgery) and 7 inches off of my waist& breast and 5 from  each thigh. So the transformation has truly begun!  I was feeling that the weight loss has been slow since Christmas and the inches are also coming off more slowly, but, as soon as I saw the date, I realized how far I had come.
Had my first problem with food too big and had to puke due to pain and 2 days later ate a vegetable that was too hard with the same result. I realize that I am starting to think that I am bulletproof and am going back to my old habits!  I crave carbs and have nibbled on a few pretzel rods. I have tried hummus on a triscut. Hummus was OK the triscuit was cause of my first painful episode. I am not chewing enough, eating too quickly, and not exercising because its been freezing. Yes, I belong to a gym but I have plenty of Excuses for that too.
So, as I mentioned, tomorrow is my 2 month anniversary, And like New Years for others, I am making my resolutions. I am going to log my food for nutritional info. I am going to chew, chew, chew. I AM going to exercises 30 minutes per day. I  did all of these things the first month,but, then I knew what I was doing. I got cocky and got off track.
Lets see what month 3 will bring.


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