January was a 2 lb month

Jan 29, 2010

Strange month! I hit my goal of 50 lbs by New Years Day. I only lost 2-3 lbs the rest of the month! I can't say I was truly shocked because my body has adjusted to weight loss plans so many times in the past.  I have a history of losing the first week or month of a drastic diet and then not losing anything the next. So January was like that. I am waiting for the Big Drop to happen. Today I was down 3 more lbs but I will wait for tomorrow to believe I am truly losing again.  Yes, I am doing things wrong. I swore I wouldn't test this but I do. I have tried Cheese curls ( other GBS friends gave them to me- they help get through cravings no dumping.) sorry i tried them. I have also tried, whole wheat toast & crackers. I have no problems with bread, unfortunately. Not nearly enough exercise. Working, too cold, dark - I have a million excuses. But these excuses are impeding my journey. So I guess this is the weight loss that I deserved. Still have the truly horrible time with constipation. Now using 3 meds and sometimes an enema is necessary. But if that is the only problem, i am blessed. So February starts this week. 2 weeks til my 3 month check up and I feel things are looking up and the numbers on the scale are heading down!


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