6 month surgiversary !!!!

May 21, 2010

Hi, It is actually a week Past my 6 month point but work has thrown a monkey wrench into my life. Due to a co worker's leaving I am working from 5 am til 7pm. My excuse is that it leaves no Me Time! No time for exercise no time for anything. Only sitting on my Not as Big Butt and nibbling all day long. Nothing healthy or smart about that. Well one week til Memorial Day and it will all slow down a bit. Last month I blogged about exercise and weight training and how happy it made me. As I read that I realized how much I have missed that in the past 3 weeks. So I vow to make time for my health starting today, Again. 
 My total weight loss is around 85 lbs which is amazing. I have seen closer to 90 but due to my mistakes my number is bouncing around. If I give myself some exercise and pay attention to food choices, I feel 90 is soon attainable. Boyfriend says I am "bland, not as happy." He is right. I don't know if fat people are jollier due to the chocolate etc. but I do seem mellower and quieter and not as happy. Once summer comes and I do have some time, I will get More introspective and see what the deal is with me. I never thought that I would miss or mourn food so I doubt that is it. But something is missing. ( Besides a girl scout. In my math a girl scout = 80 lbs.) I'll read some posts and see if others feel that way. Well I'm on my weigh to 90n and then 100. Thank God for this surgery and my new life. Thanks.


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