fell off dirtbike 2 weeks on my butt

Mar 03, 2008

I have been to er twice and doc once thanks to a dirt bike spill. YEESSS I said dirtbike. something  I would have never dreamed of doing...no really never even thought of because I was not able to.
There are so many things I have never thought of doing due to the size of my body that are now a possibility.
That being said, it went horribly wrong...but it a kind a funny way. I dont have a strong core and balance is not a strong point...now I know that!
So after it stalled (sp) I lost my balance and landed on the handle bar then my chest to the ground the bike and the rest of my body weight to follow. It was horrible pain.
I have been on heavy meds since and very sore. Much much worse than the surgery pain.
I know now that when I get to be 150 that doesnt mean I am a dirt bike girl...it is perfectly fine standing and cheering on my best friend as she plays. there are many things I still want to try...all of them will be on 2 legs for now!

one year band-versary coming up this month.

My initial goal of 100lbs did not happen....what did is life..A terrific wonderful new me!

Thank you BAND~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Turning lemons into lemonade

Feb 10, 2008

Ok so I ahve been looking forward to my weekend with Deepak for so long. I saved up money, begged borrow and stole to get there and then the unthinkable happens.
I am there to volunteer ( tickets for this experince were $3500 plus hotel room was $400 a night x3) all I had to cover was my hotel and mileage. I found that hard rock had a good deal so I stayed there instead.
When I got there to volunteer I was treated like a lepper. First of all the lady that worked for him looked at me up and down and had a look on her face like she smelled dog poop and told me to wait in the other room. People gathered but I was told to wait seperately. Then a lady comes in and tells me I am a day and a half late. I knew that and so did the director. She said she was grateful for whatever I could volunteer. (mind you I took off a week of work to do this) Then the lady left me in the room and stood outside talking and laughing. Another lady told me all the spots might be filled and that I should wait here. They kept lookin ginto the room ( the door was completely open) and making faces like ..."look at her". I started to cry so I excused myself to the bathroom...then took off. I know deep down it was because I didnt look like the rest of them and it was a first impression judgment. I remembered that they didnt see me 10 months ago when they would have had a reason to make fun of me. I look great now and I wouldnt stay anywhere that made me feel like the old hideous me. I walked out with my head up even though I felt like I had been kicked in the knees.
I was so upset. I had taken a week off, booked a non refundable hotel room for 4 days and was in Ft Lauderdale with nothing to do.....
The tears quickly driedup when I thought about the situation...I have no obligations for 4 days....I have a hotel room and money in my pocket!
I signed into the Hard Rock and the lady at the desk says "I have upgraded you to the king suite"...I wasnt sure what the meant until I went to my room.
Holy mother of God~~~~~
You have to go to the Hard Rock!
Anyways for the lemonade-----
Since my surgery I have not had any pampering or getting to know my new slimmer me. I spent the last 4 days in the sun, pool, shopping, dinning on delicious soups and just being supremely lazy!
I am so thankful things happened as they did!
Oh and I learned that I love soup. I could go to the finest restaraunts every night get a soup and unsweet tea and feel very satisfied!
I got the chance to visit BE (bariatric eating.com) actual store so that was realy fun! If you ever get that chance you need to go there!
Anyways I will upload my vacation pics.
Have a great day!

Deepak Chopra

Feb 03, 2008

I am going on a weekend trip to see Deepak. I am so excited. I know I wouldnt be here doing that if it wasnt for the surgery.
I would be spending the week at home sleeping and way to depressed to meet someone of his grace and statue.
Now one year later I am out meeting my life's hero.
I cant beleive it....I am!
I made it happen....


Been long time since I have posted

Feb 03, 2008

So much has happened...good stuff!

The weight is rolling off! Yippee! Finally!

My doc is thrilled with my progress and understands we all get there in our own way in our own time.

My way was the hard way.

It was paved with many road blocks and set backs...but I came out so much stronger....and I am happy I did get there and that is all that matters

I got a fill about 2 weeks ago after nothing for 6 months. I am losing quickly...not lbs but inches.

I am finding new bones that I didnt know about...LOL

I got a massage the other day and I could feel the therapists hands on my spine.

Holy crap...first time I didnt have a thought in my head about "back fat" or "spillage over my pants" AKA the muffin top.

God I am so happy!!!!!

Fit day.com

Dec 24, 2007

I love this site. I can see my patterns unfold there month by month.
If I am not tracking my food I am off my eating plan. ( I dont track when I am being naughty! :) No evidence. 
I saw that I had not tracked since the 13th! Wow that was a long time.
10 days of eating bad. ( i have no idea how bad ..maybe around 1500-2000 cals a day..not sure. I dint gain weight but quit losing for 10 days)
I am back on the sugar free high protein. I find that I eat way less cals this way because I am full all the time- or atleast satisfied all the time.

long time no post!

Dec 24, 2007

Down 10 lbs and feeling great. Had a week of being bad but back on my OA program.
My desire for sugar has not gone away after surgery at all! It is a battle everyday! It's my cocaine...it makes me feel so good while  eating it but guilty as heck afterwards.
I read some really good articles about "sugar sensitivity" and I think I really fall into that category.
The symptoms are spot on!
sugar cravings
sugar binging
problems sleeping
mood swings
sugar hangover
The last month at OA I had really cleansed my system of all sugars and felt GREAT. Actually better than I can ever remember. But I broke the good eating cycle and ate holiday cake..then this, then some of that....before too long I had been in a week long "food fog". I felt horrible, couldnt sleep at night, depression was overwhelming! 
I took a long look at the two times and know that I dont want to feel that way and I know sugar is the culprit.
So back to no sugar and higher protein and I already feel better. (about 24 hours out so far) 24 seems to be the magical number for me. If I can make it that long then I am out of the woods.
WLS has been great because I CANT eat alot...but I can still eat sugar. I knew will power played a part in this whole thing so its time to muster it up again.

Hope everyone is doing great over the holidays! 

down 10 more lbs!

Dec 12, 2007

I love OA..its just what I needed. I am getting the weight off and it is effortless! Why didnt I go earlier???
I am down to 242ish depending on time of day I weigh. 
My eating restrictions are as follows

no sugar
no white flour
no eating pass the first soft stop
no eating when I am not hungry
no eating my emotions

If you struggle with eating even after your sx I would recommend OA. Amazing journey I have begun.

I meditate daily, I have become much more spiritual and in touch with my softer side :)

Oh wow I am learning soooo much from this site!!!

Nov 29, 2007

I didnt know what PB was...I guess that is what I have been calling "throwing up".
I didnt know about soft stops, vs hard stops...that was very helpful to learn! 
The last couple of days I have been eating very very slowly and listening.....
for fullness, for a soft stop. I think I got it. I was amazed that I can not feel so full that I throw up..or PB (?) after every meal. I am not hurting or uncomfortably full.
Salad tonight..ate 2 small pieces of blackedned chicken first, some blue cheese and a bite of salad...full! I think if I ate another bite I would be too full and wanting to push the food out.
Going to OA has been helpful...but coming here EVERYDAY and reading...like I see all of you doing will help out so much.

8 months out

Nov 25, 2007

it's been eight monts...what? wow!
Times flies ...congrats to my lapband buddy Chris on our 8 months!

Shout out to Farrah!

Nov 25, 2007

Ladies we have a new girl coming to visit us on the losing team tomorrow at 9am.
Ms. Farrah will be having RNY in the morning . Please send out  a prayer, say a meditation or quietly send a thought to your higher power for her safe recovery.
We love you Farrah...you have a huge family here. Tomorrow you will know that. You will be on the other side and giving out advice to the newbies....
Can you beleive it's here already!!!!

LOVE To Farrah!

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Been long time since I have posted
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long time no post!
down 10 more lbs!
Oh wow I am learning soooo much from this site!!!
8 months out
Shout out to Farrah!