Oct 31, 2011

So, I did the 5k run/walk on Saturday, as planned.  So proud of myself for finishing. Heck, proud of myself for starting!  LOL.  I have found out first hand that walking on a treadmill and walking outside are two TOTALLY different experiences.  I have done as many as 6 miles on the treadmill and I have NOT been sore like this afterwards! My body hurt yesterday, today, it's not so bad, still sore but not like yesterday.  I will post pics later today if I think about it.  Anyway, I finished in just under an hour so, I don't feel that's a bad first race!  YAHOO!

5K on Saturday

Oct 26, 2011

This weekend, October 29th, I am registered for a 5k run/walk for Raul Jiminez Thanksgiving Dinner.  It's a dinner that feeds the homeless and the elderly that have no where to go for Thanksgiving.  I have always wanted to contribute to this charity because Thanksgiving has always been my mom's favorite holiday, it's the one holiday we always spent at her dad had Christmas, she had Thanksgiving.  LOL.  Anyway, Thanksgiving is just a special holiday for me and so, to be able to give back to people who have no family or no where to go, means a lot to me.  Since I have been working out, I thought I would try this 5K and see how it goes and then I am going to start training for the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in May 2012.  That will be near/dear to my heart also since I just lost my aunt Janet to what started off as breast cancer.  She is my step mom's baby sister and was barely older than me.  So scary.  So, good things are happening on the health front.  Weight loss is still agonizingly slow.  I am at 241 and I started at 312.  So, it's a lot but for me, it's just not coming off quick enough.  But, it will happen and I know it, so I am trying to be patient.  I am starting to have a lot of sagging skin and I can not wait to get to goal weight so I can start getting some cosmetic stuff my under arms, they are WRETCHED.  LOL.  So, I will let you know how the run/walk goes and thanks for reading/checking up on me!  

My obsession has changed.....

Sep 15, 2011

I have been working out diligently for a couple of months now. Funny, I never considered myself a lazy person before.  If someone said something, or we were talking about weight, I would always say, yes, but I am an active fat person.  No. No I wasn't.  I was lazy.  At first, I had to fight myself to go to the gym, now, I am mad at myself if I don't get up and go and feel guilty about it until I get to go back.  If I wake up late and only get to work out for 30 or 45 minutes I am mad.  I am obsessed with sweating and burning calories.  An ideal workout for me right now is 1 mile on the treadmill (as fast as I can make it going 3.4 -3.8), 30 minutes on the bike on level 6 or 7, and then 60 minutes on the arc or the eliptical.  I haven't worked in any weights yet, although, a couple of times I have worked on the arms and done crunches on that ab machine that you can add weight to.  Who would have known that I would enjoy working out.  I enjoy going to the gym and seeing the difference that it is making in my body.  When I first started going, I would do the bike and there is a program called fit test.  You put in your weight and for 5 minutes it monitors your heart rate vs. your speed/distance and rates your fitness level.  I could NOT, no matter how hard I try get past below average.   The other day, I finally got average.  I posted the picture of the AVERAGE written across the screen.  To many folks, average would not be good, but it means that I am improving my health.  Because I am a revision patient, I am losing weight much slower than a first time surgery and it's very discouraging to me that I have only lost 67 lbs in just over a year....but, this is making it so much more rewarding to me to know that I am losing the weight because of what I am doing, not because of the surgery now. ......

Weight Loss Surgery & Skin Removal

Aug 19, 2011

IF weight loss surgery is not covered by your insurance, if it is a direct will not get approved.  You can appeal, you will lose.  The only way weight loss surgery is covered by your insurance is IF your plan covers it.  It will be reviewed for medical necessity ONLY if your plan covers it.  It is NOT your insurance's fault if WLS is not is your employer group.  YOUR EMPLOYER CHOOSES THEIR MEDICAL COVERAGE.  The policy, with the weight loss rider MAY have too high of a premium and therefore, your employer may not elect to get that rider added to the policy.  IF your benefits have WLS listed as a direct exclusion...go to your benefits manager at your employer and advise them that you would like for them to consider adding the rider to their policy for next year.  I have been working for United Health Care for 12 years, I promise you that the insurance company is NOT excluding WLS because it costs too much or any other nonsense that you are told by your dr. or by your employer.  UHC covers WLS IF the employer chooses for them to cover WLS. removal after weight loss surgery IS NOT COVERED BY 99% of all plans.  It is considered cosmetic and is therefore not covered.  There is direct verbiage that can be added to the policy to make skin removal covered but I have only seen 1 policy, the whole time I have been in appeals, that states that they will cover skin removal after gastric bypass.  That policy ONLY covered up to $3000. and then the rest was your responsibility, but, at least it was covered at some level.  YOU WILL HAVE EXCESS SKIN.  YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE SKIN REMOVAL SURGERY.  Be prepared for this cost somewhere down the line. It does not matter if you lost 10 lbs or 200 lbs....the skin removal is always considered cosmetic.  It doesn't matter if it is causing you pain, embarassment, it doesn't matter if it is sweating in the folds of your excess skin and causing bacteria or is not covered.  The only way that skin removal of any sort is covered would be as reconstructive and the only way that it can be considered reconstructive vs. cosmetic is to prove that it is causing a functional impairment.  It is not covered if you say it's going to relieve neck or back pain as there is no proof that reduction of redundant skin results in pain relief.  It is not covered when it's performed in conjunction with another surgery such as hernia repair or hysterectomy, it is not covered for interigo.  MOST ALL PLANS consider any type of skin removal surgery cosmetic and your policy more than likely excludes cosmetic procedures.  That includes abdominoplasty, belt lipectomy,  lower body lift, panniculectomy,  brachioplasty and breast reconstructive after massive weight loss.   

Size XL Bottoms

Jul 06, 2011

So, I have always been a big bottom girl.and this booty is going nowhere fast!!!! ..I have recently started working out I decided to go get some work out clothes finally.  I bought an XL work out bottom and a size XL top.  Feels so great not to have to shop in plus sizes.  I still go to Lane Bryant..I bought a size 16 realllly cute halter sundress there the other day.....yes, I know...16 is still plus size....but compared to size 24/26....I feel skinny.  I posted some new pics of me in my workout pants and sport bra..just so I can compare pics from before surgery to now....there is just no comparison.  I go for my one year follow up on July 15th.  I thought that I should have lost more by now but he says 70lbs is right on track.  Some lose more, some lose less.....I would rather be MORE than the, I have two weeks to lose some more weight. LOL.  But seriously, no regrets......I am happy with my new size for now and I can't wait to keep losing and then get rid of this skin....there is so much skin, geez!  My underarms are the worse......anyway, just a little post to keep you updated with me!  Hope all is doing well for everyone...

Ninja Blender

Jun 28, 2011

If you have had surgery and still drink your protein shakes to get your 80g of protein a day...........I saw a demonstration at Costco the other day of a blender called the Blendtek.  WOW.  It's the same blender they use at Starbucks to make their fraps.  Anyway, the blender is over 300.00.  Since I don't have 300 spare dollars to spend on a blender, I started shopping around.  I found a commercial blender, called the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 at Bed, Bath & Beyond for half the price.  Then, with my 20% of coupon that I get in the mail almost monthly from them, I paid just over 120.00 for this blender.  Let me tell of my best surgery related investments so far.  I drink coffee, love starbucks, now I make my own.  Did you know that whipped cream in the can is less than 1g of sugar?  heck yeah!  I make coffee, pour in my sugar free hazelnut creamer, one cup of ice, 2 scoops of protein powder @ 45g of protein and blend it all together.  Top it off with some whip cream from the can and walla!   Better than starbucks cuz now I am drinking my protein too!  anyway, just a tip if you like coffee.  I have a hard time getting in my protein cuz i hate the way the shakes taste.  They all taste too thick and they taste GROSS to me.  I have 50 lbs to go to my goal weight and I am struggling!  LOL.  Hopefully, this will boost me up!  :) Good luck ya'll.........


Mar 07, 2011

Just a rant.  I work for United Health Care, I have stated that before. .. I have been here 11 years next month.  My revision surgery wasn't even approved by my insurance, it's a direct exclusion on my plan.....I keep getting these updates on my email at work about a new EOB.  I have been ignoring them.  Why did I go look at it today and 7 months post surgery I have an additional bill from my surgeon for $32,000?  The hospital bill (which I assumed included the surgeon's bill since it never came separately) was over $84,000.  Granted, my surgery was a little out of the normal since it was a revision. (my initial surgery I paid for out of pocket). But, seriously?  $2,200 for anesthesia, $84,00 for the hospital and $32,000 for the surgeon?  Not including various labs and EKG prior to surgery, etc.  And they say INSURANCE is the problem?  No.  Insurance is NOT the problem.  Physician/Facility BILLING is the problem.  The allowable amount for that $32,000 bill was just under $5,000.  How can Usual & Customary (U&C) be $5,000 and you bill $32,000. Where is the discrepancy here?  Providers blame the insurance but the insurance is a company like everything else, and they are here to make money.  I said it before and I will say it again, your car insurance doesn't cover everything, why should your health insurance.  It's there for major catostrophe, major illnesses, it's not there to pay everything that goes wrong with your body, especially when it's self-inflicted.  Boob job is cosmetic, stop trying to get around it by saying that it's medically necessary if you want bigger, perkier boobs, pay for em.  Nose job is cosmetic, stopy saying it's a deviated septum and it affects your breathing.  If you want a prettier, cuter, smaller for it.  LOL.  Pannulectomy after surgery is NOT cosmetic.  You lose 100 or 200 lbs and have skin hanging off your body, that is not cosmetic, that is medically necessary.  If you lose 60 lbs and have sagging skin and want it removed, that is cosmetic, pay for it yourself.  If the government would regulate what the providers could charge for services then there would be less out of pocket expense for services.  Why should the insurance companies be regulated but the providers charging these astronomical prices just continue to be able to keep over charging for their services without any type of regulation what so ever?  And, don't get mad if your insurance doesn't pay for bariatric one got you fat but you.  Don't say you have tried every diet and failed, because if you committed yourself to losing weight and were honest with yourself, you would lose the weight on your own.  Truth is, we just have no will power.  A lifetime of unhealthy eating habits are hard /impossible to break. If you can't diet and exercise down to your healthy weight and want bariatric surgery and your plan doesn't cover it...start saving your money.  It is my honest belief that this will be a mandatory benefit on everyone's surgery soon enough, since obesity is an epidimic in the US.  But, until then, keep trying your insurance and keep saving your money...this surgery is expensive.

great source of protein?

Mar 07, 2011

Beef Jerky.
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Jan 07, 2011

I work for United Health Care.  The majority of our plans do not cover bariatric surgery ...for any's a direct exclusion.  The plans that do cover the surgery have strict rules regarding bariatric surgery.  Most require a BMI over 40, maybe 35 if you have co-morbidities. Anyway, my point is surgery cost the insurance company 84000 plus dollars...why would I not comply with the rules of the surgery so that I can lose the weight and maintain the weight loss?  I have direct contact, in my department at work, with 3 other MOS patients.  The three people that I am referring to had significant weight loss but have since gained the weight back. One lady sits in the aisle over and she drinks diet sodas all day.  I was told not to drink sodas.  The guy eats whatever he wants and however much he wants and he was the one that started out the biggest.  He was well over 400 lbs and he has two small children and a morbidly obese wife. They both had the surgery and they are both still fat. I don't get it. Why go thru all the hassle and expense to have surgery and then not comply with the rules of the surgery only to be fat again????  The US has an obesity problem because we are a society that requires more of everything.....but, it would seem like if you want to be thin badly enough to go through the surgery that you would understand that something has to change. People say that the surgery is the easy way out, nothing about the surgery has been easy to me.  I have had to change my entire lifestyle.  But there is a reason that I had to change my lifestyle, hello!!!! I weighed 311 lbs. Can someone please explain this to me? 

Unflavored Protein is my new friend

Jan 06, 2011

Unflavored protein is the greatest invention ever!  I add it to my crystal light and coffee.  Walla!  And, why did I just realize that canned chicken breast has 45G of protein.   Geez, I have been doing this the hard way.  There are only so many cans of beans a girl can eat....

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