Jan 07, 2011

I work for United Health Care.  The majority of our plans do not cover bariatric surgery ...for any's a direct exclusion.  The plans that do cover the surgery have strict rules regarding bariatric surgery.  Most require a BMI over 40, maybe 35 if you have co-morbidities. Anyway, my point is surgery cost the insurance company 84000 plus dollars...why would I not comply with the rules of the surgery so that I can lose the weight and maintain the weight loss?  I have direct contact, in my department at work, with 3 other MOS patients.  The three people that I am referring to had significant weight loss but have since gained the weight back. One lady sits in the aisle over and she drinks diet sodas all day.  I was told not to drink sodas.  The guy eats whatever he wants and however much he wants and he was the one that started out the biggest.  He was well over 400 lbs and he has two small children and a morbidly obese wife. They both had the surgery and they are both still fat. I don't get it. Why go thru all the hassle and expense to have surgery and then not comply with the rules of the surgery only to be fat again????  The US has an obesity problem because we are a society that requires more of everything.....but, it would seem like if you want to be thin badly enough to go through the surgery that you would understand that something has to change. People say that the surgery is the easy way out, nothing about the surgery has been easy to me.  I have had to change my entire lifestyle.  But there is a reason that I had to change my lifestyle, hello!!!! I weighed 311 lbs. Can someone please explain this to me? 


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