My obsession has changed.....

Sep 15, 2011

I have been working out diligently for a couple of months now. Funny, I never considered myself a lazy person before.  If someone said something, or we were talking about weight, I would always say, yes, but I am an active fat person.  No. No I wasn't.  I was lazy.  At first, I had to fight myself to go to the gym, now, I am mad at myself if I don't get up and go and feel guilty about it until I get to go back.  If I wake up late and only get to work out for 30 or 45 minutes I am mad.  I am obsessed with sweating and burning calories.  An ideal workout for me right now is 1 mile on the treadmill (as fast as I can make it going 3.4 -3.8), 30 minutes on the bike on level 6 or 7, and then 60 minutes on the arc or the eliptical.  I haven't worked in any weights yet, although, a couple of times I have worked on the arms and done crunches on that ab machine that you can add weight to.  Who would have known that I would enjoy working out.  I enjoy going to the gym and seeing the difference that it is making in my body.  When I first started going, I would do the bike and there is a program called fit test.  You put in your weight and for 5 minutes it monitors your heart rate vs. your speed/distance and rates your fitness level.  I could NOT, no matter how hard I try get past below average.   The other day, I finally got average.  I posted the picture of the AVERAGE written across the screen.  To many folks, average would not be good, but it means that I am improving my health.  Because I am a revision patient, I am losing weight much slower than a first time surgery and it's very discouraging to me that I have only lost 67 lbs in just over a year....but, this is making it so much more rewarding to me to know that I am losing the weight because of what I am doing, not because of the surgery now. ......


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