Constantine T. Frantzides

" I have not posted on this site in quite a while. It has been 5 years since I had my surgery. Recently I had the opportunity to go with a friend of mine who had a consultation with Dr. Frantzides, in the hopes of having surgery. I have just returned to this site to write a new review of Dr. F. Seeing him again has validated all the wonderful things I have felt about him. Listening to this exceptionally accomplished surgeon has restored my excitement about this tool he has given me. It brought back all of my original strength of conviction to accomplish my weight loss goals. It is now 5 years and I have lost 150 pounds. I play with a 10 pound weight gain. I am diligently trying to lose that, and more. I feel like I have taken a refresher course on weight loss surgery. Once again, I have Dr. Frantzides to thank for this. Every day I am thankiful for Dr. Frantzides. If I ever need surgery again, there is no doubt who will be the surgeon that I choose. I will put my life into his hands.....and his hands ONLY!!!!!"

Constantine T. Frantzides

"What do you say about a surgeon that saves your life? Words are not enough! When I first met Dr. Frantzides, I liked him immediately. His confidence, his sense of humor, his compassion were overwhelming and soothing. The office staff was also wonderful. They are like a family and now I am a part of that family. Cynthia did a fabulous job getting me extremely quick insurance approval, Gerri gave me hope with her beautiful before and after pictures and Leslie is a friendly, supportive PA whom I really respect and enjoy talking to. Dr. Jones is also a learned physician and I felt were comfortable having her assist with my surgery. As for the surgery..............Dr. Frantzides says I was the worst case he has ever done. Finally,,,,,I have earned a title! In 1982 I had a VBG, which Dr. F was to revise. When we started the surgery, he certainly got more than he bargained for. It took him 8 hours to do the surgery, with at least 4 of those just to get to the area to be revised.He broke instruments getting inside my abdomen, but he never gave up. I think any other surgeon would have said \"forget it, let's open her up.\" But not my hero! He forged on and on and on and on..........and on. Finding my VBG to be a total disaster, Dr. F had to perform a gastrectomy. The worst part, and the part that could have (unbeknownst to me) killed me was the fact that my liver and my stomach were fused together. This miracle worker painstakingly released every bit of my liver from my stomach. He saved my life!! The good part for me was,,,,at least I was asleep for the procedure. This poor man had to work on me, which was so physically hard. Can you imagine all those hours spent just trying to reach the site? He had blisters on his hands when he was done and I am sure his back was breaking. It is so incredible to me that he did not open me up. He is truly my miracle worker.......and I am his new \"worst case ever.\" I look forward to a long partnership with him. "
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