its been a while good news!!

Apr 13, 2012

 Yes so I have been doing great after the surgery... I am currently 188-190 depending on the day and my goal is to be under 150. At my highest I was 350 pounds and I went down to 333 when I started looking into having surgery and 315 on the day of surgery. I am currently in a state unversity college and I am a size 14 down from a 26-28 pants and 26,28,30 shirts. During this journey I have worked out and ate healthy and I have also seen some of my emotional eating come back to visit from time to If anyone has questions feel free to contact me, I look forward to communicating with those who are on this journey of a healhty lifetsyle...

p.s. I also plan on looking into skin removal but im not sure if I wait until I get to under 150 (my goal) or do I have the surgery now... any advice would help!!

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June 29th2010 surgery 2day is aug 14th

Aug 14, 2010

I guess today will be my 1st blog since my surgery!! I had my gastric sleeve done on june 29th 2010! I started my pre-op diet 12 days b4 and I was 315 pounds.My highest ever weight was 350 and I have lost and gained 30-40 pounds on my own depeding on issues that was going on in my life.I believe the day of surgery I weighted 300 pounds. I weighted myself on the scale about 3 days ago and I was 267.I have went from a 24/26 to an 18.I am happy and I can see and feel the difference that my body has made..I do exercise 20 minutes a day on the eliptical about 4-6 days a week.I am looking forward to my journey of loosing weight and I believe my goal is to be under a size 10 but I do want to get back into plus size modeling so Im looking foward to where I will end up weight wise and clothing size wise!! Good look to everyone who has surgery and make sure you pick a great doctor!! I picked a great doctor dr. Lin of Emroy University here in ATL!! 

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