4 month update

Jul 07, 2007

Ok so I decided to update just monthly now.  The weightloss has slowed down and is was kinda depressing for the first 2 weeks, so I have tried to ignore the scale and just weigh weekly.  Of course when I was sad about the stalling, I didn't feel much like exercising, so that didn't help.  I don't have any decent clothes as they are all too big and falling off, but can't afford a complete closet makeover right yet.  My hair is falling out and I've discovered my "wings".  Boy what a downer week! Then I reconized my old patterns and gave myself a good kick in the @ss and got back to the gym.  Yes it is still slowly coming off, but slowly is better than nothing, and I am trying to keep in mind how far I've come.  Sso after 4 months I now weigh 148lbs!  Total loss of 72lbs!  Wow that feels good.  I am doing much better with food!  The only things I can't take are raw veggies, pasta or any meats.  Don't know if I'll ever be able to.  I made this really great stew in the slow cooker and the beef was sooooo tender and even a small sliver of meat seemed really heavy and didn't want to go down.  Don't really miss pasta, so that doesn't bother me.  Salad is a hit and miss.  Some days are okay and others, forget it.  Still sick about twice a week, but it is an improvement from twice a day!  I go to see Dr. Starr on July 24th.  

It was a busy month too for me.  My son had a colission in soccer  causing him to be admitted to CHEO with a concussion and bruising to the brain.  Scary night that was!  Been hosting my neice and nephew to come swimming and BBQing.  Man do I love the smell of BBQ meats!!  Then this weekend, my husband rescued a kitten from the parking lot of a mall.  He happened to have to pick up my child there after a U20 game with her coach.  Just by chance he was there!  She was so skinny and full of worms.  Broke my heart.  So we spent $120 at the vet to get her checked and dewormed.  Her little bottom was so swollen and red.  She had the poops and devoured the food I gave her.  My husband couldn't catch the mother, but she was skinny too.  I wish people would spay their cats and then these little ones wouldn't be hurt.  The vet figures she is about 10 weeks old.  That means born around April and gosh it was soooo cold then!  Canadian warmth doesn't start until June!  Store employees have apparently caught a couple of others there, but couldn't catch this one.  She was hissing and running.  I am so grateful my husband caught her.  She is now sleeping in my lap, still healing and still a little sick, but she just stares at me with beautiful eyes.  She was purring this morning!  Almost brought tears to my eyes.  I am a sucker for animals.  We already have 4 dogs and 2 cats!  I love them all and they all get tons of attention from all of us.  I decided to name her "Destiny"  

So all in all it has been an emotional rollercoaster this month. My "wow" moment is that I have offically lost 12 inches of my waist!!!!  A full foot!!  Man I can't believe it!!  This is a wonderful journey.  All those thinking of it, I can tell you it is a dream come true and a second chance at life.  I am so proud that I made this decision for myself.  

Until next month........


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