5 Month update

Aug 04, 2007

Wow Where has the time gone?  It didn't pass this quickly when I was waiting for my date!  LOL  Well here I am 5 months post-op and feel so normal!  Weird feeling.  I am wearing a size 10/12 with a 32" waist.  My little girl who is 11 has a 27" one, so I figure I'm doing good!  I don't want to be as tiny as her!  I think I will be satisfied with another 2 " and my last 13lbs to goal!  Yes only 13lbs left!  I am now at 143lbs!  Only 5 lbs this month, but its better than nothing.  Only 8 more lbs and I am in the "normal" range on BMI calculator!!!!  

 I haven't had much time to go to the gym with the kids out of school, but I am enoying my pool!  I find eating has become easier.  To all your newbies reading this, IT DOES GET BETTER!  I found it hard to believe when I was a new post-op, but it is true.  I can now handle a few bites of pork chop and a few bites of chicken.  Still a no-go on the steak, but I'm okay with that.  Most of the time salad stays down.  I can eat stir-fry's again!!!!  YEYYY!  My favorite meal!  All the veggies, yummy!   Mind you I have to be sure they are cooked softer and more tender, but still yummy!  I don't eat rice or noodles with it though.  I really don't miss any foods.  I have to admit my craving some days for ice cream or slurpees are bad, but I'm sure its the heat.  I still have a protein shake at least 4 times a week.  Still packing in the yogurt and cheese and peanuts for protein.  Somehow though eating cheese and peanuts are so fatty, that I need some other source of protein.  I don't think they're helping the fat intake.  I eat alot of fruit.  A banana everyday.  A couple of strawberries or cherries are yummy too.  I am trying to steer clear of carbs as I found myself going back into the carb cravings last month.  Cereals, muffins, crackers were all haunting me. 

A really cool WOW moment was when I realized I can cover my belly with water in the bathtub!!  YES I fit in the tub and can actually soak my whole body now!  Awesome feeling!  There is one thing that baffles me,  it is the tailbone thing.  Man that thing hurts when I'm in the tub!  I mean I know I've lost weight, but my tailbone didn't hurt as a teenager when I was this size?  It really does hurt!!  Got to figure that one out...lol   My family doctor had to take a second glance to recognize me too this week!  I thanked him for being the one to get me started in this change. 
My husband gave me some money to go get some clothes, so of course I went to the goodwill because they don't fit me long anyway.  I handed in 2 garbage bags full of clothes that were too big!!  I bought 4 pairs of shorts.  Even one jean pair!  So cute!  Boy I felt good!  Plus I got a few more compliments on my weightloss as I guess I wasn't hiding beneath all the big baggy stuff!  I have had to make 9 new holes in my work belt!  They finally sent me a new one yesterday!  LOL!!  It wrapped 1 and 1/2 times around me!  Awesome!!  Love it!! 

I will always be thankful for the second chance at life!  It was the best decision for me and I don't regret my choice!  Life is good!



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