8 months post-op!

Nov 09, 2007


Wow..... Where to begin.  What a journey this has ben so far!  I am so proud of my own accomplishments and so happy I made this wonderful life changing decision!!   These last couple of months have been so rewarding and FULL of "wow" moments!  It feels so good to be "normal".  I am officially 8 months post-op and weigh in at 135lbs!!!  OMG  I love saying that!  I am only 5 lbs from goal with a total loss of 85lbs!   I am living the life with my children that I have dreamed of for so long.  I am running, playing soccer, swimming and even dancing with them!  I am so happy to be involved with their interests.  That was a major goal for me.  My husband who has always loved me and accepted me for whatever weight I was is so supportive.  I get compliments daily!  I feel can accept those compliments better now too.  I was so shy to hear them for awhile there.  I am now able to perform my full-time duties at work without aches and pains.  The money is much nicer .  However gym time has been greatly reduced, so I have been using the stairs to deliver my parcels (Canada Post) and jog to each door.  My day starts at 6:15 and I get home at 7pm.  Then 4 nights a week is soccer or football for the kids.  Love being a soccer mom!!! 

I am wearing a size 8p in jeans!  Yes I said jeans!  I love them.  I never want to see stretchy pants again!  LMAO  I may fit in a 6, but haven't had the guts yet to try...lol  My waist went from a 44" down to a 30"!!!   Shirts and coats are a size small!  I laughed last week when I borrowed a hoodie sweatshirt from my 13 year old daughter!!  What an amazing feeling.  

As for the skin issue, yes of course there is some there,  I have an appointment to get an assessment in Dec.  I am not rushing it as I am only 8 months out.  I am looking more towards the year anniversary mark.  I'll need that time to save up $$ anyway.  Someday will have to fix the "ladies". I can't believe I had a reduction 5 years ago to help back problems, and now I am wanting to pay to get them back....lol  They fit into a c cup, but aren't very pretty with the support...lol  My arms are okay, I can deal with them.  Will probably ask about my thighs as they are yucky.  Hate that extra stuff!  

Diet wise..... I can eat most meats now except steak.  Just can't seem to chew it enough.  There is still the odd time something doesn't sit and gets stuck, but I have learned the feeling now and I can "fix" it quickly.  I have introduced some good carbs as I'm satisfied with the weightloss, but still keep away from all pasta and rice.  The occasional bread.  I have allowed myself to indulge in 6" turkey sub at Subway on Wednesdays (the special of the day).  I remove the top bun and any extra bread from the sides and eat about 4" of it.  That is my lunch and it is my "big meal of the day.  Dinner is usually just the protein and veggies of whatever the family is eating.  I am satisfied with that.  This tool has really helped me with my portion control and helped me relearn what healthy eating is.   That the good lord above for granting me this second chance at life.  

Anyone reading this considering if they should.............DO IT!!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!  YOU WILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER AND SO MUCH HEALTHIER!!    The first 3 months SUCK,,,,, but it will all be worth it!  Look here for support, this place is the best!  

Thanks for letting me gush!  I read all the updates and can now relate to alot of other experiences!  Read profiles!  They are soooo helpful and inspirational!!

Take care!!!!


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