HAPPY NEW YEARS! 10 months post-op

Jan 01, 2008

I HIT GOAL....I HIT GOAL....I HIT GOAL!!!!  I can't believe I finally shed those last stubborn 10 lbs!  I am finally at 130lbs.  Actually was 128 yesterday, but back to 130 today.  Very happy with that.  Went to Syracuse after Christmas and decided it was time to go shopping and replenish some of my closet!  Steve and Barry's had everything on for $8.89!  Jeans, tops, shoes, gym outfits, jackets!  I was in heaven.  And get this........ I fit into a size 6P!!!!  OMG!!!  This is my dream size and I can't believe I'm saying it! It feels fabulous!   

I don't want to get any smaller, so I am going to start more muscle building at the gym now.  Portion control is exactly what I needed.  I don't have too many issues with a bit of sugar, and I still sneak in the odd bit of rice, but still no pasta or breads. I don't even miss them.  I have had the odd bite and they really make me feel bloated and my pouch doesn't like them much.  

Went to a plastic surgeon for consult.  Well Abdominalyplasty(sp) is about $8000 and to fix the ladies up is about $9000.  Man that stinks.  I don't know if I'll ever get that much "extra" money.  But at least everything is in the right spot when I'm dressed!  

This life changing decision was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself.


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