Plastics for my last steps of my journey

Sep 01, 2008

So it has been a long time for an update.  Not too much changed weight wise as I have tapered off at around 135lbs.  Seems heavy, but people say I look about 110lbs.  Still much better than I started!  I still have occassions of a bad reminder to chew my food, but I now have to really take what I have learned and really keep my will-power strong.  I find carb cravings are strong and so I have to really watch. 

So 2 weeks ago I took the plunge and got my abdonimoplasty and a mastoplexy done.  TAKE MY ADVISE!!  DON"T GET BREAST REDUCTIN BEFORE WLS....LMAO.  I started in an F, and reducted to a C, then lost weight to an  Well plus the scaring and lack of tissue left after WLS, I was really sad.  So they lifted and filled with saline!  They are beautiful!  Only 2 weeks after surgery, I am a full C/ small D and I am so very happy.  Still lots of healing left to go, but even the scarring was reduced by my surgeon!  My tummy is healing nicely, no more sagging skin!  I finally have lost the "MELTED CANDLE" look!!!  HAHAHA!!  I am please with the result and I would recommend this surgeon to anyone in the Ottawa area!  His website is  His name is Dr. Lloyd Van Wyke.  His staff are sweethearts and make you feel very comfortable and welcome.  He is blunt, to the point and yet seemed personally interested in getting the best possible outcome rather than the money.  Yes, it was costly, all three surgeries were $16,000. $7000 for TT and $7000 for Augmentation, he discounted the lift at $2000 included so I really lucked out!   Cheaper than my other quotes!  Most people lease or finance a new car, well, I don't want a new car.....this is a much more rewarding gift to myself.  And hey, what is life without a little debt!!!  Hubby and I have our first cruise booked for November, so it'll be my first time out in a full bikini, but I will let you al see the pictures when I return! 

So my new measurements are: 39" chest, 30" waist, and 36" hips!  I am satisfied with those numbers.  I am fitting in a 6 or 8 size clothing.  I am just so happy to "fit in" and feel normal in a crowd.  Average is not so average feeling!! 

To all those reading and considering.... yes it is a long journey, yes the first 3 months are hell, yes you have to make lifestyle changes, yes you have to exercise, and yes it is still a lifelong battle with food, but with this tool it makes all these things a little easier to achieve your goal.  You WILL feel and look better!  You will feel free.....


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