3 day of Liquid Diet

Aug 02, 2011

Well I just got thru drinking my yummy shake ,  I cant stand the stuff after three days I think i need another flavor to mix it up a little. I am winning the war against my stomach cramps for now. I was starving that first day it is getting easier I do get to eat one small meal a day.  Thank god yesterday it was a 1/2 cup of salmon. Today a small chicken breast soooo looking forward to that!!!! Just twelve days left I am thankfull for that soon I will be on the losers bench and I am soo stoked about that. Well back to my water. See ya soon OH!

Approved and Surgery date

Jul 14, 2011

I am approved to be sleeved on Aug 15th YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



33 days till Last Class then approval!!!!

May 11, 2011

Well I have 33 days till my last nut class then it on to approval I have a Doctor appt with my pcp to get his consent to have the operation on the 18th. I feel like I can hear the clock ticking down and I am soooo excited that I can't stand it some days. I am almost there. My friend who workes  with me got her approval today her surgery is JUNE 3. She was approved in ONE day it was awesome I am sooooo ready to do this. I feel Like i am bouncing up and down inside and I can't sit still . Hurry up june 13 I am ready !!!!

Back to work

Aug 31, 2010

Well Im Back to work today after my surgery and wow did that hurt  I have been in pain before but nothing quite like this i am still walking funny and having to sit on pillows I cant seem to quit hurting myself when i go to the bathroom its awful Dont Ever have this done It is totally not worth it !!!

Liquid Diet

Aug 24, 2010

SO I started my Liquid diet today for colonoscopy on Thursday and I am STARVING TO DEATH  I Know its just two days and I have to do this for two weeks before the sleeve but it doesnt make it any easier!!!!!!!

Rear Trouble !!!

Aug 24, 2010

Well I had to go to the emergancy room on Sunday because I was bleeding from my bottom and not in the usual spot!  So I see the doctor and he checks me NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!!! I have to have a hemmoridetomy and a colonoscopy and something allong the lines of cutting my spynter muscle slightly to loosen the muscle so I can go if you get my drift.

bad day

Jun 22, 2010

I had a bad food day yesterday I watched my nephews and we went to the park , the library and swiming but i guess i was hungrey cause boy did i eat alot of bad stuff  then this morning i woke up sooo sick I think its because i ate wrong has this happened to anyone before the surgery.!!!!!!!!!!!

6 month diet

Jun 20, 2010

I am on my six month diet program and its going good so far i am finding it difficult to eat 1400 calories a day and not eat so many carbs . I not hungrey a whole lot of the time but afternoon is when /i really what to snack. Any suggestions would be help. My insurance is the type that if I lose too much weight I cant have the surgery So is that sucky or what! see ya later.


Wow its been a long time since i posted on here!

Jun 18, 2010

Hey Im back and what a busy two years its been after quitting my job and coming back My insurance says that they will pay for the surgery after Nov 1,2010. So I can go ahead and start all my testing and 6month diet and psy eval and then when Im done with that it will be time to have my surgery so yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so excited !!!!!!!!!

Lost 3 pounds

Jan 29, 2008

Hello everyone well ive lost 3 more pounds thats means 15 total. So not to bad not as fast as id like it to come off but ill take what i can get. So i went to the eye doctor and he saw that my corneas were bulging. He made me an appt with the neorolisgist and i have an MRI schedule for Thursday they think i have psuedotumor cerbri. It s spinal fluid built up i my brain so i have to get zapped and they gave me some pills to take to try and decrease the pressure in my head. Boy do i have a headache from it wow. So they might have to do a stint to get the fluid off my brain if the pills dont work . It sounds like so much fun let me tell you. Well pray for me.

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