my whole story has gotten deleted ..  I started my journey in 2003  and got my surgery july 12th 2004  that was the first day of my new life. It was a hard struggle for the first few weeks and i kicked myself several times  them first 10 days , But since then was the best choice i have ever made for myself ..  I lost 80 pounds the first 6 to 7 months . i didnt excersice like i should have i didnt do anything but eat and drink right had i i would of lost alot more . PLEASE DO THAT WALK RUN DO SOMETHING  i see now i should have  it would of helped me so much .  i didnt have any complications . not alot of excess skin i went from 270+ my smallest was 150 . today i am at 180. the highest i have been in 4 yrs . it is a daily struggle now i can eat anything  still not alot at once  but i can eat .. i still dont drink soda all water and some grapefruit juice w/ sugar but do half  n half water . For the past year i turned to alchol  was going thru a bottle of tequila a nite at times . i was going thru some personal issues and turned that way for some reason . I have never been a drinker much , But it numbed me and was a comfort . I would black out at times i drunk so much . I  finally had to confess my  sins to my hubby and since then  i havent had a shot one i seriously went thru probally 30 bottles of tequilla in 1 yr . that is my weight gain im sure .  So when they say some people go from food to alchol they arent kidden ..  i went to both ..  last year after my breast aug . i was at 150 looked great . This surgery messed my head up as well  i was  170 when i met hubby in 98  had babies back to back these was my 3rd and 4th child  then  had my 5th and wound up at 240 later to go to 270.  . after bein big for so many years .  be prepared for alot of attention

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what a diffrence 8 months makes .. -100 35 to go

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