I've been overweight since I can remember.  My weight began escalating as a child, when my parents, who at the time were young and struggling financially, began to force me to eat or I could not leave the dinner table.  Because it was so long ago, I can't say I know the exact moment when I began to rely on food.  Somewhere in there, food became an enjoyment instead of a necessity.

I am so thankful and SO blessed to have a husband who has never said one degrading word to me about my weight, and who has never treated me any differently because of it.  He loves me for me, and THAT, I think is what I needed ~ all support and no criticism ~ to have the courage to step out and do something for myself.

There have been efforts to lose the weight over the years, but I was never able to lose all of it, first of all, and second, I was never able to keep it off.  I moved to Lancaster in September of 2005, and one of the first things I did was check into whether my new insurance would cover bariatric surgery.  I was overwhelmed to find that it did!  In March of 2005 I visited my new PCP.  I was a little discouraged to find that I would have to be under her care for a year before she would refer me, but I looked at it this way -- a year was going to come and go anyway, so I might as well just go along for the ride!

In February of 2006 I went back to see her, and she made a referral.  I ran through the battery of tests, and my BMI was just short of 50.  It had to be over 50 to qualify automatically, but under 50 I had to have at least two co-morbid conditions -- which ended up being edema in my legs and PCOS.  I was finally cleared for the options class in March.  I could have started the class right then, but I would have had to drive to Panorama City, which I really didn't think I could do.  So I waited until August for the new class to start in Palmdale.

I started my class on August 6, 2007 at 308 pounds and wearing I size 28.  In those six months I lost the required 10% (30 pounds) on the last day of class, February 4, 2008.  Exactly three weeks from the last day of class, I went in for surgery at Lancaster Community Hospital.  Today I'm weighing 242 pounds and wear a size 18!  It has been YEARS since I've worn anything without a 2 in front of it!    In eight more pounds I will be halfway to my goal! 

It has been an incredible journey, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new me at my goal weight of 160 pounds!  My husband looks at me with renewed spark -- and that, my friends, is worth every pound and sweeter than any bite of junk food could ever give me!    This is new, uncharted territory, as I haven't been at this weight since I was 14 years old!  My God is GOOD!  I won't ever know this side of Heaven why food and weight was the "thorn in the flesh" He chose for me in this life, but I know this: His strength is made perfect in my weakness.  Only then can the power of Christ rest upon me, and I want that more than anything!

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