Gregg Jossart

"PRE OP IMPRESSIONSrnDr. Jossart is very polite, reasonably friendly, informative, and generous with his time. He did not push me into a specific surgery, but asked me a lot of questions, then suggested 2 types he thought would work for me. I felt like we were a team. My first visit with him was over an hour. rnrnPOST OP IMPRESSIONSrnDr. Jossart certainly lived up to his reputation for excellence. He was so kind in the surgery suite, so patient, so unhurried, he asked my preferences before I was put under. He visited me in the hospital at the usual times, spent a lot of time with me and let me know how he sees my aftercare will play out. He expressed great confidence in me, was very friendly and casual with me, but always professional, always ultimately the highly competent surgeon. His competence is definately his strong suit, but I find him to be adequately interested in me as a human also. I seem to have a lot less pain and a much quicker recovery than other people I've spoken with and I feel I owe this to Dr. Jossart's skill. My relationship with him will continue on into my future. rnrn6 MONTHS POST OP IMPRESSIONSrnDr. Jossart continues to impress me. I feel like we are a team. He is very interested in my success. He was not just interested in doing the surgery--he wants to KNOW that I've made it, that I can keep the weight off forever. He and his staff will chart my progress through the REST OF MY LIFE. He feels strongly that his practice is measured in the success of his patients and he will work with you to make sure that you are successful.rnrnSince OH thinks it sounds more real when you say something negative to balance out the good, I will add the only thing I can think of that might POSSIBLY be negative about Dr. Jossart. I think that the more successful and well known his office becomes, the less individualized care he'll be able to give people. That's a real shame. If he and his colleagues at LapSF get too busy, take on too much, the business will suffer. I hope that this doesn't happen, because they have great practice now. No office is perfect, but the people at LapSF really try to be perfect and it shows. rnrnONE YEAR POST OPrnDr. Jossart is a brilliant surgeon and great doctor. At my one year check up, he gave me more suggestions about how to fine tune my eating and did the most thorough blood work up I've ever had. We spent about 30 minutes together, and he reiterated that he will be my surgeon for life, that he wants to chart my progress over the long haul and that he is available to consult with any physician I may need to use for other needs. rnrnMy prediction about his office becoming too success sadly proved too true. He lost the associate that was his partner in my surgery. The pace just got to be too hectic. The practice goes on strong though and a new associate will be added. Dr. Jossart continues to be very busy--way too busy. I told him a little about the life I lead now, and he says he is so busy making this happens for others, that he doesn't have a life himself. I think he may have to slow down. rnrnDespite his superhuman schedule, he remains brilliant, confident, and ultimately competent. If you are lucky enough to get him for your surgeon, you will be very pleased with the quality of your care."
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