Tim Wheeler

"My first impression during the seminar was that he was very cut and dry, rather boring however after i went for my office visit i realized he wasnt, he was very down to earth and i feel very confident in my decision!rnrnThe office staff at KDMC has been great so far, everyone is so understanding and take the time to listen and answer any questions you may have,they make you feel totally confortable with haveing surgery.rnrnDr. Wheeler enphasize's after care very often, this is not just an \"easy way out\" he makes you know that up front.rnrnDr. Wheeler does have a structured after care program. The program consist of support groups and routine checkups.rnrnDr. Wheeler has address and made me fully aware of the risks in surgery, i feel very confindent in his hands.rnI would rate Dr. Wheeler a very intelligent surgeon who is very willing to help those of us in need.rnrnDr. Wheelers beside manner was quick and to the point however he didnt let me b in pain and i thank him for that, he is great and i would recommend anyone interested in surgery to go to him, hes great!"
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Jan 04, 2007
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