Jun 03, 2009

hello oh family,
well its been 3 weeks that i hade surgery to get all the extra skin off my stomach im not even goin to lie to u i was really in pain no more surgery for me to say they hade 2 drains on both of my side everyday i wanted to cry when i took a shower bcuz u cant let the drains hang but today i went to the drs bcuz i have been havin a bad feelin like the drain itself was comin out but its been in for 3 weeks and he said its good to come out i was so relieved i just want to thank dr thompson he is the best im still in pain cuz they hade cutt me from the middle of my cheast all the way down and side to side. so i was in so much pain for the couple days but now everything is good and i really do thank god and now its time to go shoppin for new clothes which is really goin to be fun for me lol im not sure wut size i am bcuz i have been wearin all my clothes that i hade b4 the surgery and my pj's cuz of the drains and i told my mom b4 i went for the surgery watch this surgery is goin to be wrose then the gastric bypass and it is so much true but im happy that it is done & over so the drains are out and im still recoverin bcuz it is still leak for a couple days he says i hope and pray to god that he wont leak alot but i am thankful and god is good i am ready to move on with my new life and find out wut size i am in now b4 i was a 18 but i am probably a size 10 im not sure but i will def update my page as soon i get a lil bit better and when the whole on the sides close up im will be really happy and greatful that he got me back to my size where i was when i was just a lil kid well to everyone who are goin for the gastric bypass or the tummy tuck good luck to u and may god be with u my surgery was book at 7:30am on may 11th but the dr was late so it was at 8am and my mom said it was just an hour surgery or i got out at 9:30am that mornin i will update my page when i get a chance i can now say my Journey is not completed thank u god and god bless everyone!!!  


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