3rd body comp analysis

Sep 07, 2013

Lean Body Mass:  111.2 (water 81.9 plus dry lean mass 29.3) in January, 114.4 June, 112.5 (water 82.6 plus dry lean mass 29.9) now.

Body Fat Mass:  122.3 in January, 56.7 June, 35.4 now.

Skeletal Muscle Mass:  61.5 in January, 62.8 in June, 61.3 now.

Percentage Body Fat: 52.4 in January, 33.1 in June, 24.0 now.

Body Fat:  89.1 (suggested loss) in January, 22.5 (suggested loss) in June, 1.8 (suggested loss) now.

BMR:  1459 kcal in January, 1491 kcal in June, 1472 kcal now.

I'm pretty thrilled with these results.  My "goal" was 25% body fat, and I passed it without even knowing.  I was not expecting that (apparently my bathroom scale is NOT accurate in bfp). 

My BMI is still "overweight."

I'm not sure what any of this means in terms of weight loss/maintenance, but I guess I'll try to lose that extra 1.8 lbs of fat and see how it goes.  Even then, though, I would be "overweight."