Changing my goal weight!!

Nov 25, 2010

 Now that I am closer than ever before to my goal weight-  I think its time to re-evaluate it.   A healthy weight range for someone my height is 139-174.  I placed my goal at 175.  This was me thinking "yeah right,  I will NEVER get to this".  But, now that it is totally in reach of the next year... I am thinking I should set my sights a bit lower.  So I am changing my goal weight to 150 even.  If I stay at this weight, depends on A) if I can even get there, and B) if I look healthy at this weight.  Since I have never been this weight as either a teenager or adult, I have no idea what I will look like.  So if all of a sudden my weight to lose ticker just got MUCH bigger, dont fret... I didn't gain weight.  I gained confidence!!

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