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Feb 10, 2015

I thought I'd update since I haven't posted for quite a while. Things have been going pretty well for me overall. Unfortunately I relapsed (I'm an alcoholic I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before, I hope!) on Dec 6 with a about 9.5 months of sobriety. I really struggled to stay sober from the first day I drank and it greatly impacted my weight loss. I stopped and started again multiple times for a little over a month and basically stalled out my weight loss for the entire month of Dec even gaining a few pounds by the time I finally quit again. The amount of calories I was drinking (probably around 2000 just in drinks) and eating on top of it plus not exercising took it 's toll. My last drink was on Jan 11 and I have 30 days sober today! I am grateful for the sobriety again and I'm grateful to be able to see how much it affects my weight because it's just added bonus to stay sober.

I've done well getting back on track since I got sober and as of today I am down to 161.4 from my starting over weight of 203 on July 1 (that's 41.6lbs). I'm working a ton of overtime right now so exercising is a little less than I'd like but I'm so happy to see that number going down and it's already hard to believe I saw 203! Anyway sorry but shift is up and I'm outta here so I'll be back later :)

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