Joseph E. Podany

"No longer in Bariatric Practice in Idaho Falls"

Mountain View Hospital

"I feel that the surgery team was great. The nurses on the Bariatric ward are quetionable. I felt like they did not take the time to teach patients self care, wound care. Some wer emthetic and nice while others were uninvolved and removed. I felt alone the first day since my family could not be with me much. I had really bad back pain and had limited resources to resolve/reduce that. The surgeon himself provided chairs fro hi patients at this hospital. It was designed fro taller people though. The bed I could not get on and off of. There were no suppot hanging bars to navigate patients on their own to reduce preseures. I felt that as soon as they found out I was medicaid they gave me less attention and assistance. Because I was up and active I felt like I have to have constant help. Nothing was set up for independance. The seat won't releasefeet on own, the plug to the machine was too low to do myself. and the toilet was too tall. I received no peri-care and I am unable to car for that due to size and surgery pain. I was really fustrated with the entire expereince Except THE SURGEON AND SURGICAL STAFF."
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Jun 23, 2006
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