Jenny T. 15 years ago

Hey girl! Wanted to say: you go girl! Hang in there - it sounds like the scary stuff may be over. I am so proud of you now as I always have been. You are truely an inspiration to me. Love ya.

DScruggs 15 years ago

Lizzi is still sleeping in a recliner but she has reached a level of 70% self sufficiency. She can get up out of the chair by herself now and can walk one half block once or twice a day. She is eating broth, Apple Juice, and Skim milk with Unjury as well as water. We are leaving in 30 minutes to go to her first follow up appointment with Dr. Lin

Suzy L. 15 years ago

Lizzi- I'm so glad you're finally post-op and HOME! Your bravery and determination are an absolute inspiration to me. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon. Know that E and I love you and are praying for you everyday. (Donny, you win the award for husband of the year!) Love, Sandy

GrantsGrrl4eva 15 years ago

Hello from Minnesota! Just a quick note to let both Lizzie and Don know they are in my prayers. I am so happy that Lizzies O2 Levels are up again and hope that no more problems will arise. I will keep you both in prayers-Lizzie, that you feel better soon and with no more complications and for you Don, that God keeps working through you and keeping you in good spirits as you help Lizzie get through this rough period in recovery. God Speed to you both!

DScruggs 15 years ago

Lizzi has been moved from intensive care to a regular room as of 11/11 @ 5:00 PM She is still having some trouble with her blood oxygen levels and her fluid output. She may be here in the hospital for several days yet. I have decided to stay in the hospital room with bher and take over part of her care. Tonight I managed to find a way to combine two ineffective respiration support methods and managed to get her SPO2 at or above 98% consistently for the first time in 3 days. The CPAP they had at the hospital was not fitting her face and the nasal oxygen tube alone did not prevent apneas. I brought her machine from home and rigged the nasal tube to flow into the air intake for her CPAP. Voila I get offered a job as a respiratory tech only half joking. It seems to her that she gets a whole lot better service when family is here. It is 11:00 PM and I have to wake her up at 12:30 so she can have another 120 ml meal and try to pee again. Don

jackie C. 15 years ago

hello lizzi, I just got out of surgery to today and I am doing pretty good, some soreness and rather weak. I imagine your experience will be similar. I wish you the best of luck and sorry I didn't get your message sooner otherwise I would have prayed for you before you went in. But, I think donny, will pray enough for the both of us. Anyway, I will say prayer for you, your recovery, your progress, and for strength for Donny to keep a positive and happy disposition and outlook. Sincerely Jackie

Christine D. 15 years ago

Hi Lizzi. I know you had your surgery yesterday and I know you must be in some pain. I will say a prayer to that your pain leaves you soon and that you have a speedy recovery and that everything goes 100% good for you. Remember me? I am the one with the surgery in between you and your husbands on the 23. When you are up to it you will have to let me in on all the ups and downs you have had since yesterday ok? Hugs and may God be with you! Christine

DScruggs 15 years ago

Lizzi had her Surgery this morning. We arrived at George Washington University Hospital at about 5:45 AM and wanted to go directly to the 2nd floor Surgical Services desk AS WE WERE TOLD TO DO. Security would not let us go there as we WERE NOT ON THEIR LIST. We had to go to admissions first. As sson as the security guard left I went up to the Surgical Services desk and confirmed our original instructions. I went back and got Lizzi and headed up. By 6:15 they called us back and I went to a prep waiting room and she went to be prepped. At about 7:00 I was called back to her bed in the Prep unit and we were BOTH able to confer with the Anesthesiologist, the Surgical resident, Dr. Lin, as well as a nursing student and a medical student who were to be involved in the process. As I understand it there would be a total of about ten people in the operating theater. During this time an IV was started and she was given both Heprin as well as an IV drip. Dr. Lin informed me that the operation would probably take about 20-30 minutes longer than normal due to some scar tissue that Lizzi had from a previous surgery. At that point Lizzi received her calming shot (Versed?) and she and her "entourage" headed off to the OR and I headed off to fret. She entered the OR at about 7:45 or 8:00 AM At about 10:00 AM or so Dr. Lin came out to inform me that EVERYTHING had gone as planned. I was told that I could see her at about 11:00 to 11:30. The hospital had a VERY, VERY good system of a family liason for every question imaginable. HE MUST have had a portable phone that told him WHICH phone someone was calling from because I called him THREE time and he walked up behind me all three times! He made sure that I was kept informed about EVERYTHING. He made sure I had access to Lizzi in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. I got to see her there as she was coming out of anesthesia. About 20 minutes into a five minute maximum length visit he guided me back out. :-) HE called my cell phone about an hour later to let me know she was being transferred to the 5th floor ICU. By this time Lizzi's parents had arrived and we had lunch in the Hospital cafeteria. After that we headed off to the 5th floor. Upon arriving we were told she wasn't there yet but was expected momentarily. Indeed she arrived within ten minutes and we got to see her within twenty minutes of that. Don

courtney A. 15 years ago

Congrats and Good Luck with your upcoming surgery!!!!!! Courtney

Ms Z. 15 years, 1 month ago

Lizzie - Best wishes for a uneventful surgery tomorrow, May God Bless your journey.
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