Lab Tests

Jul 28, 2008

Today i went to John Creek Hospital and had the G I Tract test.  That was sure an interesting experience... That crap was gross and made me gag over and over.  i told the tech that it looked and smelled like interior flat paint.  Then i did the EKG and that was equally as interesting. I have yet to get my psych eval results because i can't pay the rest of the bill to get em.  Kinda sucks!


Jul 14, 2008

I went for my psych eval today and wow what a lot of paper work! I felt like I was taking my SAT's over again.  The Dr was very nice and asked me all sorts of questions and did a lot of nodding.  All in all I was there for about 2 hours which wasn't too bad I guess.  Luckily my ins will cover psych visits and I only had to pay $30.

I had recently read a lot of bad things about Dr harts office on the message boards and I was kinda freaked so I wrote an email to my contact Cindi and she called me back a few hours later.  I was worried that I am not doing my 6 months ok but I think it'll be ok now. Any thoughts?

My Day Off

Jul 13, 2008

I am off on Mondays, well usually, and I take that time to get my Dr appts out of the way.  Today I am going for my psych eval with a Dr nearby.  I have no idea what to expect.  I'm not sure what he will ask or what I should say.  I have never even been to see a councilor, let alone a psychologist.

Gym and test results

Jul 02, 2008

Since my last post i have been to the gym each night and i plan to increase my time by one minute each day.  I started with 30 minutes and i'm only up to 32, but tomorrow i'll do 33.  I know it isn't much, but i am trying.  

The drs office called about the test results and my A1C has gone from 8.9 to 10.7.  Not so good huh?  Plus my blood sugar was 261.  The tech tells me that she wants me to come back in when i have been fasting so we can get a better reading, so i tell her that i was fasting and she was quite shocked.

Consult, Gym, and PCP

Jun 30, 2008

Today I started my day by going to my PCP.  I told him that I wanted to do the gastric bypass and I was surprised he said he didn't agree with it, but he did make it sound like he would help me get to my goal anyway. I had to get my A1C rechecked and he went ahead and ordered a full metabolic panel again.  He made the notes needed and gave me a script for weight loss pills. I tried to fill the script for the pills but there are a lot of rules for it from my ins company so I have to jump thru a few more hoops for that.  

I went to my consult after that and that was pretty uneventful.  I sat in a storage room for an hour until I was finally seen by the Dr.  He pushed on my tummy and said that either type of surgery would be ok for me.  I believe I want to go with the gastric bypass.

After all that I went to a 24 hour gym that opened across the street from my work and I joined for the 6 months.  I intend to go every day or at least 5 days a week and do 30 minutes of treadmill.

Wish me luck


Jun 27, 2008

Well, i got to go to seminar on the 26th and it was good.  I have to say that i kind of expected Dr Hart to be taller.  He is very relatable and nice.  As i have read on here a bunch of timnes, he was very straight forward and honest about the risks and probabilities.  They said that if you have insurance, you would have to wait a few days while the self pays got calls first, but i was SO GLAD to get a call today only a day after the seminar and an appointment on Monday.  I also have lab work that morning so i am over the moon about getting to this so quickly.  Maybe it'll make the 6 month diet seem shorter...although i think not. Well, next time i have an update, i'll post!

This Week

Jun 21, 2008

Well, this week is the week i will be going to siminar and i am excited.  I can't wait!  I have gotten all my previous diet documents to see what i have.  I have my last labs for a physical and even my old diet that was 1200 calories. I have aetna open access which requires a 6 month diet which i hope to get started on ASAP.

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