Four weeks post op

Aug 22, 2010

Time flies when you are having fun!  I say fun because I have been soooo very delighted that none of my fears have been realized.  Being "ancient" AND disabled I had imagined it would be impossible for me to get in and out of bed without assistance.....WRONG, right after recovery I was able to get in and out of bed and later in the day do a short walk.  I had imagined I would have to deal with tremendous pain...WRONG.  The pain never got over a #3 and after discharge from hospital didn't need to take any pain meds for the surgery.  I had expected to have problems with vomiting (my daughter did for MONTHS)...WRONG.  So my only advice for any pre ops reading this is that everyone is soooo different.  Do exactly what the surgeon tells you prior to surgery and after surgery while in the hospital do what the nurses tell you.  Follow doctor orders upon going home.  I know this won't guarantee that every thing will be a breeze but I'm hoping that everyone that has surgery has my type of recovery.
I never have been given a goal weight by my doctor nor have I had a magic number to aim for as my goal.  My goal was to rid myself of diabetic meds and high blood pressure meds.....I have not taken any diabetic meds since my release from the hospital and stopped taking HBP meds four days after.  Soooooo now I'm losing weight and that is just the ICING ON THE bonus!
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Finally......the losing side!

Jul 28, 2010

Well....July 22nd came and went and I had my surgery!  I really had planned on being miserably sore and unable to move, but to my delight I was very mobile and although I was uncomfortable I was NOT in PAIN.  I did have to stay longer than anticipated because I developed pnuemonia but that was treated and I am now fine.  Today I am having the "head" hungries..I REALLY want to chew some food.  Tomorrow I start the pureed part of my diet for 7 days so hopefully that will help some.  Checking into the hospital I weighed 262 down from the 284 start 6 days out of surgery 252!! 

Dr. called and changed date of surgery...

Jun 30, 2010

After spending over an hour on the phone with hospital registration this afternoon I get a call from Doctors office postponing my surgery!  Wouldn't be soooo bad but I've been on an emotional roller coaster AND am one week into "the" two week pre op diet.  On a brighter note...I'll have more time to try out more protein powders/drinks and will have a nice big diet Coke.  Everything happens for a reason...

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Roller Coaster Ride......

Jun 19, 2010

Well since I had started this journey Medicare (my health care provider) changed the rules and instead of 3 months it would be 6 months before surgery could be considered.  This month would have been my surgery month if not for the changes!  This week when I went for my monthly visit you can imagine my surprise to be told the Medicare rules had changed back and surgery for me was being scheduled for July 8th!!   OMG.....only three weeks to go.  Now sooo much to do and sooooooooo many racing thoughts.  I know this is my chance to extend my life and I'm going to take it.


FINALLY..added a picture..

Apr 22, 2010

I finally decided it was time to put a pic up on here...unfortunately the ONLY picture I had was one from 1963, yes the last century, which also happens to be the last year that decent cameras were made.  I know this to be true because it wasn't but a few years after that picture was taken that my image began to be "distorted".  And as each decade passed it seemed to me that the camera quality was certainly getting worse for each time a picture of me was sneakily taken it appeared to be of a much OLDER and CONSIDERABLY heavier person.  I've found that it really doesn't make any difference which brand of camera is used they have all gone to ruin!!  Sooooo once I finally get a surgical date I will have my picture taken by one of the inferior cameras now marketed and post the meantime I will continue to blame the cameras and pacify myself with this picture.

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