FINALLY..added a picture..

Apr 22, 2010

I finally decided it was time to put a pic up on here...unfortunately the ONLY picture I had was one from 1963, yes the last century, which also happens to be the last year that decent cameras were made.  I know this to be true because it wasn't but a few years after that picture was taken that my image began to be "distorted".  And as each decade passed it seemed to me that the camera quality was certainly getting worse for each time a picture of me was sneakily taken it appeared to be of a much OLDER and CONSIDERABLY heavier person.  I've found that it really doesn't make any difference which brand of camera is used they have all gone to ruin!!  Sooooo once I finally get a surgical date I will have my picture taken by one of the inferior cameras now marketed and post the meantime I will continue to blame the cameras and pacify myself with this picture.

Great Grandma Sandy


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