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"Dr. Sasse was referred to me by several people in my office who had used him for the surgery. I went and saw him speak at the seminar and found him both entertaining and knowledgeable. One of my co-worker's husband had him as a surgeon and had some complications. Dr. Sasse actually postponed his vacation to make sure he was going to be ok. That was the thing which impressed me the most. rnrnI've only spoken to Dr. Sasse 3 times and each time was less than 10 minutes. Although I'm sure he would have been happy to answer my questions, I just didn't seem to have many because I'd been to all the support groups and read tons of books. I was a little disappointed that I didn't seem him before they put me to sleep before the operation, but so far everything seems great and I have no complaints. I would recommend him more on all the other testimonies I've heard rather than on my own experiences. rnrnI did speak to Dr. Gasner on the phone on three different occasions with concerns about things which were happening with me. He was the on-call doctor, and even though I'd never met him he was very compassionate and made me feel better and I was thankful for that too. He seems like another good choice. I've heard good things about him too."


"I wasn't very happy with the service I received during the day at Renown in the Tahoe Tower. Swing shift was excellent but the rest of the staff was poor at best. They kept saying they were short staffed. My worst complaint is that they plugged my IV machine into a plug which did not work and it kept beeping "low battery" every 30 minutes. I would call for the nurse and it would take them 30 minutes to get there to turn it off, only for it to come back on again in 30 minutes. I wasn't getting any sleep and I was very frustrated. They finally moved it to another plug which helped me to at least get some sleep. They also did not turn on my leg compressions and I didn't notice it until I'd been there for a couple hrs and my sister asked me about it. That is a very dangerous thing to forget I understand. One of the nurses was speaking in acronyms as if I knew what she was talking about. "I will see if I can DC the PCP and check on the APP..." I had no idea what she was talking about and when I asked her, she seemed irritated. The swing nurses Kevin and Janelle were great though. Another thing; I wasn't given my spirometer until I left and we had to ask for it. I thought I was supposed to be doing that every two hours. They could not assure me that my food was sugar free, they would only say "it should be" so I didn't eat it. I just wasn't impressed at all. They were trying to get me to leave after 22 hrs and I couldn't eat anything, take the liquid pain meds, and worst of all I still couldn't go pee and needed a catheter. Well my luck, or lack there of, tends to follow me so maybe someone else will have a better experience. I was called and told to be there at 11 for surgery at 1pm, then I was called and told be there at 9am for surgery at 11am. I sat in the preop room for 5 hrs. The lady who did my IV was very nice and worked hard to get it in just the right place. I'm very grateful for her. Good luck!! I'm glad it's over! "
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