August 18th 2007:
Day 12 of liquid diet.  This has to be the hardest part.  Lost 12 1/2 lbs so far.  I lost 5 the 2 weeks before so I'm down about 17 lbs.  A good start.  A HARD start too.  This liquid thing is no joke.  I was pretty scared of this liquid diet.  I feared it more that the surgery itself.  I am quite surprised on just how good I feel on it tho.  Thought I will feel dragged down and worn out - but - I feel pretty good and really surprised at my energy too.   I guess the weight loss has help too.  I can feel the loss and see it in my face and the way my clothes feel.  Also - the way my back feels - so much better.  
I am so ready for surgery and to get start applying all that I have learned to make my new life - the new me - successful.  
I know now that I have been blessed.  I have been given a second chance at life!!!
I pray to God each and every day that he will continue to help me on my journey to the new me. 
I hope to always remember how it felt to be fat, depressed, in pain, anti-social and never at peace with myself.  I hope I always have the strength to start each day over.  But most of all I hope to always remember where I came from and to say "Thank You" and to help others with their journey.  
Even tho I am hungry right now - Life is good......
AND.....Thank you for all who have helped me get this far....I believe in angels....

July 24th 2007:
OK - so now it's getting closer.  I'm getting kinda excited and yet a part of it does seem real.  I guess cuz I've been waiting for over a month already that it will have to get closer before I really get it.  It's one thing to pursue and try to get approved and all that - but this part - there is nothing to do but wait.  I've been keeping myself very busy fixing up things around the house and at my cottage in AuGres.  Next Wednesday - August 1st  - I go for my Pre-op testing!!!  That
After that - it's all good!!!!!!!!

July 15th 2007:
So this is where I am at.  Surgery is scheduled for August 22, 2007 - now with Dr. Wagner.  Dr. Farhan is off for the month of July and so I needed to get an earlier date that August 28th - so I went with on of his partners.  On August 1st I go to my Pre-Op testing.  Looking forward to that.  It all kinda makes things final.  When I had brain surgery I had some problems with blood clogs so I am thinking I will probably need a vent.  Then - BELIEVE THIS OR NOW - I AM looking forward to the 15 DAY LIQUID DIET!!!!!!  Kinda puts you in IN THE MOOD for surgery!!!!!!  I must remember that I SAID I was looking forward to it........cuz I sure bet I'll be Bitchin about it at some point!!!!!!!  I don't even wanna hear myself whine about it either.......
Right now - I am not scared or nervous or afraid of the pain.....I think it is still too far away..

Apri 2007:
So....let me tell you of my journey.....

I have been fat most of my life.  And I have been thin some of my life too.  I loved the way I felt being in control of my body....exercising (yes that right - I liked it) and watching what I ate all the time.  If I ate more - I simply exercised more.  Then things got a little screwed up.  I started not exercising more when I ate more so I decided to eat less - skip a meal.  That worked for a short while - then I skipped more and more and then before you know it - I was in starvation mode.  Nothing worked at that point....I became depressed and then health issues took over.  I haven't felt well since 2000. 

Now I've had it with all this weight.  No matter how hard I try - it seems to be useless.  I always said that I could lose it if I had to because I know how to.   I did.  Now I can't seem to stay on a diet for long because I know that the weight will just come back.

So before Xmas 2006 I started to look into weight loss surgery.  It was just an IDEA of mine.  I went to a party with some coworkers just before the new year.  I made a statement that I wanted WLS surgery.  Someone heard me and said that I was not big enough to have that kind of surgery.  BULL.....

So a friend of mine mentioned something to me in February about what I had been talking about at her house back in December.  We decided to sign up for a seminar at Hurley Bariatric Center.  We were quite pleased with the information we received and so decided to sign up for a consultation.  We took the day off work and sat in the room together.  We are each others support person.

I didn't have much luck in the beginning.  My pcp told me I had No Comorbidities. This was the end of March 2007.  This was a bunch of BULL too..I just had never complained that's all.  SO....I complained!!!!!!  I have lower back pain and sleep problems.  As so be it.....I not have Degenerative Joint Disease, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia Type IIA, Sleep Apnea, Hypothyroidism and had removal of Pituitary Tumor.  All these problems figured out in a little over 1 month!!!  My pcp helped my get the tests I needed BUT my Endocrinologist filled out the Medical Clearance forms.  I had the proper Diet Documentation thank god for that. 

So now it is May 12th - the day before Mother's Day and on Monday I will go for my Psy. Evaluation.  I have seen soooooo many doctors in the last 1 1/2 months that I feel like I really have something wrong with me.  I GUESS I REALLY DO.  I HAVE THE OBESITY DISEASE.  Sitting in the seminar I asked the question "So it is possible to have surgery say by June or July?"  And the answer was "Yes if you really pursue this."  I have - with a vengance. 

It is my time for me.  It is my time for peace of mind.  It is my time to take care of me instead of everyone else.  IT'S ALL ABOUT ME NOW. 

So the day my friend Mary and I sat in the seminar and laughed as we said that we would hold hands and be in the same room and have surgery on the same day......may just come true.  Her surgery is scheduled for June 14th!!!  And mine - I'll know soon that is for sure...You don't get this far and then give up!!!

MY dream is to be healthy....feel good......look good.....and have peace of mind....I want to be in control again.  This time it will work and I will work at it and keep it off forever.


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