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"What was your first impression of him/her? rnrnVery tall!!! He seemed friendly and knowledgeable. Direct and to the point. I like that!rnrnHow did your impression change over time? rnrnI have not had the surgery yet and have only met him the one time so far.rnrnHow would you describe his/her office staff? rnrnThe office is clean and updated. They do offer larger chairs which is nice. That is the first thing I look at in a doctors office. The staff was nice. Not overly friendly, but seemed professional.rnrnWhat did you like least about him/her?rnrnMy visit seemed a little short. They have classes that you take after being scheduled for the surgery and that is when they go into more detail about how things are handled while you are there and the diet they require for you. But they did send me home with a dvd about the procedure.rn rnWhat should future patients know about him/her? rnrnDepending on where they are coming from... you might need to expect a long drive time. We are in Ames and it takes us about an hour and fifteen minutes. But they are suppose to be worth it!rnrnHow did he/she address the risks of surgery? rnrnYes, he got into that as soon as he sat down. He looked at my records and gave me more specific success rates for my comorbidities and weight. No sugar-coating!!!rnrnHow would you rate him/her overall? rnrnOn a scale of 1-10, I would say an 8. I went to Grinnell with the intention of seeing Dr. Coster, but I think that Dr. Kermode is very competent and I feel comfortable and safe with him. That was my main concern after dealing with Temple Hospital in Philly.rnrnWhich is better, surgical competence, bedside manner, or are both great?rnrnI do not know about either yet, but I hope that they are equally great!"
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