15 months post op - 138lbs total loss of 147 lbs

Oct 30, 2012

Hey all!

I really hope everyone is doing well. I can't even believe myself that I have lost more than I now way. I am now living in this great world but also fear in case I gain any weight? Is that normal? I am so scared as I can eat much more and more of the wrong things too! I am genuinely scared that every day this lovely life will be taken from me. Can some one please advise as to how best to get on with things. 


If any newbies are readings this do not let this stop you as I would never change this I am so grateful for my surgery, I will never change that. I would highly recommend this change in life. Not easy but the best decision I ever made!!!!


susan x


10 months post op 149lbs

May 28, 2012

Hi all!!! I am so close to goal but it is so slow now! I am very proud of where I have come from but the head games have certainly started as I can eat more now. I need support and help with this. Meeting my surgeon in July but may bring it forward and meet my dietician as well. Financially things are very tough as I am now out of work 5 months! 

But the great news is in my personal life. I am nearly at goal and a couple of weeks ago my bf proposed and I said YES. So he is now my fiancé! How exciting.  I love him so much and can't believe every day how much he loves me. He really does. Can't wait to have my plastics done so I can finalise all this and be super sexy in myself and for him. I am going to another wedding this weekend so going to take a pic and post it later as I am wearing the same dress as one taken in march do it will show my changes since then. 

Hope everyone else is doing well an getting ready for the summer! 
Take care, Susan 
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9 months post op

Apr 30, 2012


So I now weigh 154lbs at 5-2. I have lost  131lbs. I am over the moon with this and only 9lbsfrom my goal weight that my surgeon didn't think I would make. I am so blessed to have gotten this far. I hope my updates are helping someone but have to admit they remind me of how much I've accomplished. I need to tone ALOT but hopefully that will happen. Any advise on that would be amazing. Have my support group tonight and loving that as I missed last months one. They make such a difference to me. 

My holiday with my bf went brilliantly, I am so lucky to have him. And honestly I loved wearing my new clothes and feeling normal. The Canarians were lovely people andveryvery slim so to still feel normal sized there was amazing. I'm raging as I don't have many pics must check my bfs pics. 

Hope everyone is good and staying healthy. Oh forgot to say I was getting very very tired again and it turned out my folic acid was low so rectifying that now xxx


First sun holiday!

Apr 18, 2012

 I am so excited and nervous! I am going on my first sun holiday as an adult! Prior to this I would have done anything to get out of a holiday by the pool or beach and now here I am off to that very thing. I am still very nervous as my head has yet to catch up with my body. I don't seem to see this girl everyone says looks great but you know what the buying of the clothes was so much fun!!! My life has completely changed and I can't begin to explain how making the decision of wls has saved my life. I know I am rambling just I don't have anyone else in my life that might understand so I'm throwing it out here! Hope everyone is happy and healthy x

8 months post op

Mar 26, 2012

So here I am at 8 months, I am still in shock at how quickly time is passing me by as the first few months seemed sooooo long! So I added a pic of me at my first wedding since the surgery and it was with people that didn't know me and for the first time in my life I just felt normal. No one was saying "You have lost weight" etc etc and I was just me, the girl I always knew I was but never really got to show as I hid myself so much. I am beyond delighted to feel proud to be myself.

As for my weight loss yes it has slowed but I do not mind, I will tip along nicely now to my goal weight. I had it in my head that I would have hit it by my birthday (in a couple of weeks) but by no means am I going to beat myself up as I have done amazingly well so far. My skin is not brilliant but my gym workouts have decreased in the last 2 weeks so I need to up my game there again.

Also, you can see that I had to cut my hair quite short but I have new growth finally growing in so I am also over the moon about that as I was finding that very difficult.

Hope everyone else is doing well. xxx

8 months post op

7 months post op

Mar 05, 2012

 Hi, this month flew by. I know I am posting a little late but I hurt my back and then had a nasty cold. Only getting back to normal now. I can't believe it, I have lost 112 lbs. that's incredible and insane. I am so happy about it. I can feel the difference in my body and when I look in the mirror I am beginning to see it. But I have yet to remember or just believe without having to consciously think about it. I have yet to throw my larger clothes away, too nervous like I still do not believe this is working. Any advise please let me know....

I am loving my life now. I am on the go all the time. I love getting in and out of the car quickly and in tight spots. I love walking around tight seated restaurants! Those are the things I getting greatest kicks from! Hope everyone else are doing well and staying healthy. X

6 months post op

Jan 29, 2012

 Good morning all!!! So I made it to 6 months, have to admit I've reached the stage where time is flying by again which is fantastic. I have finally mastered not weighing myself and obsessing over 1/2 lb here and there.  That has been one of my greater challenges on this. Scale wise I am down 106 lbs!! Thatis amazing and I am so proud. More importantly I'm at the gym and I can say I love it yet but I am getting closer plus I am not the heaviest person there which is new to me. 

The greatest NSV is that I have allowed a man into my life something I would have never done before. Plus he is a guy I have liked for 5 years and vice versa which means he liked me before I lost the weight. He is kind and very sweet to me and I am so grateful I have worked through so much to be able to allow myself enjoy him. 

Im going back to my doc this morning for bloods as I am bruising from nothing just in case I am missing something. My hair is quite thin now and I have been finding that very difficult but I cut it more on Friday and that has given a better illusion to my hair which is great. 

I have also lost my job which after 9 years there is awful but what can I do. New times for everything. Just grateful I've lost some weight and have better confidence now for interviews etc. 

I hope everyone is well and happy. I will post some pics later. Take care and thanks again to you for your support here to me xxx

5 months post op

Dec 27, 2011

 So I am now 5 months out. I'm visiting family so not using my usual scale but I believe I now weigh193lbs but I will confirm that shortly. Delighted with that as it was my personal goal for Christmas to hit 196.  But more importantly are the NSV I have experienced in the last few days, to name just a few:
Comfortable airplane ride
Playing, running with my nephews
Dressing nicely in clothes I actually like
Getting on a bus and not feeling like everyone is staring at me
Sight seeing without breaks
Planning my day without it being around food
Being so much happier

I could continue, but I think that gives you an idea. I can not be more thankful for my success to far. I'm really enjoying the holidays and I hope everyone else is too. I will post pics when I am back home again. Happy new year everyone! Thank you again for your support xxx



Dec 15, 2011

Well I made it for Christmas! I woke up this morning and had lost 2lbs, now could be back on by tomorrow but I took a pic anyway, was so excited!!! The flash made it look less but it did read 199!!!!

4 months post op

Nov 27, 2011

 Hi all,

Well today brings me to 4 months post op. My god am I glad to be here. Life is much easier now. I can walk around easier, do more tasks in succession, and the other night in a restaurant I didn't worry about seating- would I fit? This has all made such a difference to me. From a visual point of view I look the same to me. Sometimes I can see it and other times I can't. I have lost my weight from my head down and as you can see in the pics that I am very much carrying my weight around my hips and ass. The pics this time are with no baggy tops over which I normally do but I wanted to show pre-op people how it's coming off for me. 

Every day I work out in some way. I go for a walk, or power plate or kettle bells. I hope they prevent saggy skin as much as possible. I am still struggling with correct protein water intake. And work on that day by day. I've had to cut my hair as I am losing quite alot. Hopefully that will slow soon. My potassium problem seems to be returning so trying to balance that nutritionally at the moment. 

I am preparing for Christmas at the moment as I will be flying stateside for it and looking up websites of shops etc so I can try some of the protein products, any suggestions are welcome. I'll be in manhattan and new jersey. 

I hope everyone is getting on ok. I will post the pics now as well. 

Thanks Susan x

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