4 months post op

Nov 27, 2011

 Hi all,

Well today brings me to 4 months post op. My god am I glad to be here. Life is much easier now. I can walk around easier, do more tasks in succession, and the other night in a restaurant I didn't worry about seating- would I fit? This has all made such a difference to me. From a visual point of view I look the same to me. Sometimes I can see it and other times I can't. I have lost my weight from my head down and as you can see in the pics that I am very much carrying my weight around my hips and ass. The pics this time are with no baggy tops over which I normally do but I wanted to show pre-op people how it's coming off for me. 

Every day I work out in some way. I go for a walk, or power plate or kettle bells. I hope they prevent saggy skin as much as possible. I am still struggling with correct protein water intake. And work on that day by day. I've had to cut my hair as I am losing quite alot. Hopefully that will slow soon. My potassium problem seems to be returning so trying to balance that nutritionally at the moment. 

I am preparing for Christmas at the moment as I will be flying stateside for it and looking up websites of shops etc so I can try some of the protein products, any suggestions are welcome. I'll be in manhattan and new jersey. 

I hope everyone is getting on ok. I will post the pics now as well. 

Thanks Susan x


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