How great it feels.....

Jan 12, 2010

Well to date it has been 25 weeks since my surgery and I feel absolutely great I have lost a total of 45 inches on my whole body and 118 pounds I can't believe it. You don't believe how much better you will feel once the weight comes off but it does you can do so many things that you couldn't do before... WOW.... I can sit Indian style something I haven't been able to do in years. I can run and play with my kids, tie my shoes without holding my breath, touch my toes when I bend over... I am utterly amazed..... I would like to thank all of my friend for there support through this process and I only have about 50lbs left to go until I get to my goal weight I am so excited about that I hope to do that by the beginning of the summer or spring.  I just feel so happy about this change in my life... Life is soooooo Great!!!!


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