Like many, I have been overweight my entire life.  I was a chubby toddler, pre-K, Kindergartner...etc.  I remember being on a diet in Kindergarten...and pretty much ever since.  As a child I was on thyroid medication and have tried and tried to get more thyroid medication...ha ha...  I finally was able to lose about 110 lbs. when I took phen-phen several years ago (1996-1997)...but I started gaining 10 lbs back a year no matter what I would do.  Doctors would tell me that I was just a big person, but very healthy...NICE... have tried and have finally realized that I just needed some help.  My husband and I have struggled with my weight and it has been hard on my marriage...and I am just ready to have some help.  I exercise regularly, but definitely struggle with emotional, after some deep thinking...I began looking into surgery options in the fall of 2007 and I was banded on March 17, 2008....


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