May 22, 2007

WEll, it has been 1 week and let me tell you I feel like I have all new innards and am learning how to use them all over again. Things are sure feeling different and it is so hard to explain! I felt wonderful for the first 24 hours after surgery then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt horrible. This awful need to burp feeling and it felt like a ballon stretching and hurting each time I burped. But I am thankful no gas pains elsewhere in my body. Than I just slept like crazy for 3 or 4 days. After about 4 days I was feeling so much better. I am even sleeping on my stomach! YIPEE! I can't sleep good any other way. I am having a hard time eating enough and getting all my fluids and protein in. But I feel that as my swelling goes down that changes. I am down 22 lbs as of today and looking forward to the future!

3 More Days!!!

May 12, 2007

Well, today I find my self going over everything in my mind a hundred times. Thinking...Have I followed my diet exactly? Do I have everything on the list to pack? Have I forgotten anything? Lord, I hope the hosp. doesn't call tomorrow and cancel due to pre op bloodwork finding something....Am I sure I am making the right choice? 
I hope this is normal and I am not just nuts.....LOL I never expected to get nervous since I have had multiple other surgeries. I guess the only thing different is this is an elective surgery. We have to do so much to get ready for this surgery that I am skeptical I guess and will be releived when it is all over and I don't have any more hurdles to get over as far as getting the surgery. I know though that is when the real struggle begins and I will have to learn a new lifestyle and work with my band so I can be at a healthy weight. I have been ready for this for years!!! If you look at my intro you will see I have been a member of this board since 2001 and had already wanted WLS for a few years by that point. I was thinking....I have never really been an adult at a normal weight. I started gaining after my pregnancies and since I did that so young.....I was overweight by age 19. Man....I can't wait to be thin!

Only 5 more days!!!

May 09, 2007

Well I only have 5 more days until surgery! I am sure excited. I am afraid I might feel differently 6 days from now but I guess it is better to expect it than not to. I am sure though further out I will be so glad I have decided to have the band. I look so forward to feeling normal. It has been years since I was at a normal weight. I am not even sure I know how to act in a normal size body.  I will sure have fun figuring it out though. I look forward to riding the roller coaster with my kids, buying my clothes in the regular section instead of plus, climbing stairs without feeling like I blew a lung, wearing a shirt tucked in if I want to, wearing a bra and it actually doing what it supposed to do, riding a tube from a boat again, wearing a swimsuit in public, having no swelling feet, sleeping well though the night, being able to remove my wedding band, not being ashamed of my clothes size or weight and many, many other things.

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3 More Days!!!
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