first weigh in

Jul 05, 2012

 So I finally made it to July, my appointment with my PCP went well. I have lost 7 lbs since my last post which I'm jumping for joy over. But since my appointment I have been letting myself slip, and as I sit and look in my daily food journal I can't help but feel ashamed, and with the shame I find my thoughts drifting to, "I know there is still his in the fridge... just a few more bites..." I hate this feeling!! I want o continue doing well and show my doctor I am committed to this, because I am, I am just getting depressed. I watch my husband eat 20 cookies, and 5 slices of pizza and never gain a pound. When I sniff it and feel like I gain 30 lbs!!! I'm sure because I cannot just stop at a sniff. I would like the control to help with my diet again. I have noticed that when I thought I was doing well I was actually consuming a ton of carbs. If someone could lay out a menu for me for a couple different meals I would be very greatful. 

first weigh in

Jul 05, 2012

So I finally made it to July, and I met with my PCP. I lost about 7 lbs since my last post, which I'm jumping for joy over. However since meeting with my doctor and weighing in I feel like I've been eating everything in sight now. As I look at my daily food journal I have begun, I can't help but feel ashamed of myself and with the shame I find my thoughts drifting to "I know there are some more leftovers in the fridge I haven't ate... maybe just a few more bites!!" I want to keep on the good path I have been achieving!!! I go back in to the doctors to weigh in again on Monday, once every week. And have an actual doctors appointment in a month to sit down and discuss my food journal and what steps we should move towards. Any helpful encouragement would be great!! I have also noticed that sometimes when I thought I was doing great I was actually eating massive amounts of carbs and not realizing it.  Could someone give me an ideal menu laid out for a few different meals to get a better idea of foods that will help me lose weight. 

How long!!!!

May 23, 2012

 I calledmy PCP this morning. My appointment is July 2nd, just to get into my doctors office, to even begin a doctor supervised 6 month diet plan. It seems like such a long wait from the start. I know I should take this time to begin to change my eating habits but I can just see myself sitting there eating 3 pieces of pizza or a lage bowl of ice cream late at night... Uhhh, is it better to start changing things now and try losing some lbs before I even get into the doctors. Or is it better to do what I've been doing and have an accurate starting weight when I go in there, its so hard to lose lbs in the first place I feel like I want every one of them to count in the supervised bit...

Taking steps... I hope!!!

May 22, 2012

 I am a bit new to the whole process but I have finally put a foot down! I called my insurance company today to see if they cover WLS, got a big positive, I know that doesn't mean I myself am approved, but I feel like its a step closer. I have been looking into Dr. Inman for the DS surgery, found out she takes my insurance, another step. I'm still not quite sure of the whole process but the lady from my insurance said they require a pcp supervised diet program for 6 months and she (my pcp) is to refer me to Dr. Inman. I am going to call my pcp tomorrow morning and set up an appointment to get that started. Do all the steps usually seem to flow smoothly along? I know nothing is easy but I fear I'm getting my hopes up already. What is the turn away rate? I mean I can't imagine turning someone away when it really could change their life and make it be a full life, rather than constantly watching from the side lines.
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