I am a 33 year old mother of 2 teen boys, ages 15 & 14). Once I had my second son I started taking the Depo Birth Control shot and gained 150# within 4 years. For many years I have been very unhappy with my weight and have tried 1,000 or more fad diets, went to the gyms, ate less food, watched the calorie intake and all that but here I am today weighing in at 280. I have to admit in Sept 05 was my heighest weight of 315. At that time I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and I went through a major depression stage and my stomache wouldnt allow me to eat. I have tried my best to get this surgery ever since and I have ran into brick walls after brick walls. At this time I am out of work due to my doctor requesting me to stay at home for a while (8 months) to try to deal with all my illness'. I am still without insurance, as I have been fighting cats and dogs to get SSI or Medicaid. Needless to say I sit here in tears wanting nothing more than to be healthy for my children. I am scared to death that I will have a massive heart attack and die before I can see my boys get married and have children of their own. However with that said I cant seem to stop eating. I wish I could go back in time and continue to not eat like I did a few years back. Back then I felt better and looked better, with a whole lot more energy! 315 down to 265 and back up to this 280 where I am stuck at again! Please say a little prayer to help me gain the strength to stay away from all this food and to help me find the finances I need to have the bypass done! Well thats me and my story, I will post more stuff occurs!

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