The first memory of being big was in kindergarten where a group of kids wouldn't play with me because i was the fat monster as they called me.... the ran around calling me names and i didn't want to go back. I remember  right after i had my tonsils out sneaking up into the cupboards to find the granola bars and eating the box of them because I was worried my brothers would eat them first. 
 Food always runs my life when I'm happy, mad, sad, depressed, worried I eat ! It makes me think of my full belly and not whats going on in life that's not so great. When I was 10 I was 140 in a size 14 avg. I thought in my head I was doing OK because if i could only keep my weight here when I'm 14 I will be right where I should ...Come to find out later in life that's not how it works.

My mom and me where in a bad car accident when i was 9. She was thrown from the car and was in a coma for 3 weeks no one knew if she would wake up from it or not. The day she did she couldn't talk she just looked at us all standing around here bed, my dad talked to her well us kids wait and i remember him tell her I'm going to go get the kids a candy bar and she rolled her eyes like any mother would. Little did I know that thing were not right at all. My mom woke up a baby she had to relearn EVERYTHING!!! She didn't know who my dad or her kids where.
My dad worked hard to keep everything together for us working 15 hours + a day and going up to see my mom in rehab. Me and my brothers and a sister where left alone alot and I was the new chef of the house. At 9  you know hoe to make mac and chess and hamburgers my weight just keep going up i remember my dad always on my about it. I try everything from running biking diet all the time. I would not eat for weeks An and then someone would say Jamie you look really good I would be thinking that's good i haven't ate in 2 weeks but I look good!
I was picked on all the time at school I was 175 lbs in high school and felt like 300.. Boy if only i could be 175 now.  I met my husband in 2004 and was around 200.  We got married and wanted to start a family only to be told because of your weight you cant.  After 3 years we got r little Lincoln and it took 2 for Bailey. We r sooo blessed to have our kids now we want to live for them and PLAY with them and not sit on the sit and watch.  I'm at 265 lbs right now and started the journey to weight loss.  And our new start in life I don't want my kids to go though what I have i need to make a change now!

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