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Jan 18, 2013

Everything went good for Christmas and I got back in the gym.  I have been still working out 5 or 6 times a week and love how far i have come.  I was in class today and was keeping up with the teacher !!! And i wasnt stopping half way.  The abs are still hard and not my favorite, but there are getting better. I can feel them now!! My face is looking really good and everybody is talking about my arms looking good, its my stomach that I would love to start seeing go down some.  I went to the mall and tried on some silver pants on and i got into a 34   I remember in high school being a 36 as my smallest.  My workout pants are a medium and large tops too!! 

I started a weight loss challenge I have a partner and its 12 weeks long. At Christmas I was 199 and have stayed in the 190 .  This week i made it to 189 and today 186 .  They have cash prized for 1st  2nd and 3rd.  If i get one i want to use my money for a new road bike :) They ride at the Y on Wednesday nights and they have a 100 mile ride in September  that is a goal for me.  Just need to save some pennies up for the bike.


Happy Thanksgivings

Nov 19, 2012

So turkey day is right around the corner and i feel really good, I have been working out 6 days a week and losing about 3 to 4 pounds a week.  I down to 223 and so happy i cant believe where im at.  I had been working out in the pool 3 days a week and just felt like i need more of a workout, it was getting to easy so i put my big girl panties on an jumped into the cardio core class.  Let me tell you i get a workout now!!!! It's a burn from the min you start the class and the teacher is always saying if you want to make it harder then add this lol im just keeping up and I love it I works every muscle on my body.  Im really working my butt off.  But i feel get and can really see it working!! I need to put a new pic up I really see it in my face.

My husband starts his liquid diet on Monday and has his date for December 10 :) 


2 week check up

Nov 04, 2012

Everything went good with surgery, I was up and walking as soon as they would let me and never had any gas pains.  I did have a pain in my side on day 2 i didnt know if I over did it with the walking or what but the doctor came in the morning and said to take the drains out.. And it went away right after they came out... which I would like to say that  the feeling of them pulling it out was so weird and it hurt . 

But Im doing really good i have been picking up the baby and have no pains with it so the doctor said it was fine which make Bailey happy.  They said im doing really good at my check up nothing to worry about .  Im on the high side of losing and they hope for me to be down 20 to 25 pounds by my 2 month check up.   They gave me the ok to workout but no pool till thursday.   I have been walking on the tread mill for 1 mile a day and have been doing my just dance lol. I feel great and I can see the weight coming off.  today  my weight was 231

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Today the day

Oct 15, 2012

Today is the day i get my restart in life!!!! Im ready nerves r doing good right now i think they will get bad later when im waiting to go back.  I weight in today and     248 !!! I lost 13 pounds wow and now i know i can keep it off!! Im so happy i got there and i can stop driving myself nuts.  I think im going to have Joey hide that thing when we get home because i get on it to much and drive myself crazy.
well this is it im off to the loser bench

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Almost there

Oct 13, 2012

So if anyone ever told you it was easy on this liquid diet they were wrong!! lol Im kinda at the point where I cant find anything to eat and everything make me see green ...kinda pregnant lol.  I went to a wedding today and got looks from everyone about how crazy they thought i was to do this.  But you know when i seen them in 6 months what will they think then :)  They will be asking for the Dr # 
Im still working out at the Y and love it.  I do the pool 3 days a week for about 1 1/2 hour.  they have a class going on at the same time as my swim class its called cardio core and it looks like so much fun and a butt kicker lol I know i cant do it now but im goal is to do it by January.  And i also picked up Just dance 4 lol yes im a big dork but it is so much fun and the kids get into it with me.  they have a thing where you can keep track of your calories you r burning :) 
Im down to 253 and holding I have been here for 4 days I have lost a total of 8 pounds .  I really wanted to see 249 for tuesday but dont think im going to . 
Going to the applebutter fest tomorrow hope i find something neat and maybe lose a pound or two with all that walking


Day three

Oct 03, 2012

So its day three and not to bad.  I got up and weighted myself down to 257!!!! So happy to see that number after always staying at 258. I have been working out everyday to get as much weight off as i can before surgery.  I know after surgery it may be a couple of weeks before i can get back to the Y.  I have been taking water aerobics and i love it!! MY hips hurt so bad went i try to walk on the treadmill so i have been in the pool 3 times a week for a month.  I have really noticed a big different, I walk on my treadmill yesterday and it wasnt killing me. 
Anyways lets see how today goes .. Good luck everybody we can do this !!!!

Started my liquid diet today

Oct 02, 2012

So I Didn't sleep good at all last night was up and down all night and i couldn't turn my mind off! :( But i got up and today i started my 2 week liquid diet  This means surgery is so close I cant wait this October 16!!!! I'm going to work really hard these next 2 weeks and try to get into the 240.  My weight has been so up and down mostly up but as of today I'm 261.  The diet isn't that bad today I have been sick for 5 days and cant taste or smell anything .  I have dinner in the oven for my family and i thinking I'm going to avoid the kitchen table tonight and go down stairs and walk on the tread mill. 

I got my date

Sep 10, 2012

So they called yesterday and gave me my date October 16 in the afternoon  my nerves have just kicked in and I'm getting everything i can think of done.  counting down the days to my liquid diet  21 days  
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