2 week check up

Nov 04, 2012

Everything went good with surgery, I was up and walking as soon as they would let me and never had any gas pains.  I did have a pain in my side on day 2 i didnt know if I over did it with the walking or what but the doctor came in the morning and said to take the drains out.. And it went away right after they came out... which I would like to say that  the feeling of them pulling it out was so weird and it hurt . 

But Im doing really good i have been picking up the baby and have no pains with it so the doctor said it was fine which make Bailey happy.  They said im doing really good at my check up nothing to worry about .  Im on the high side of losing and they hope for me to be down 20 to 25 pounds by my 2 month check up.   They gave me the ok to workout but no pool till thursday.   I have been walking on the tread mill for 1 mile a day and have been doing my just dance lol. I feel great and I can see the weight coming off.  today  my weight was 231

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