My name is Mariam and I am 42 years old.  I joined this site hoping to find people to talk to about my upcoming RNY.  I started gaining weight after my 3rd child at 25 and have never lost it and now with pre-diabetes, sleep apnea and chronic foot pain, I have decided to have RNY. I have thought about this for several years but never really pursued it and a month ago when the insurance "open enrollment" started at my husbands work, I did alot of research and found out that if I switched from the Blue Shield HMO to the Blue Shield PPO that my surgery would be covered.  So we switched our insurance (it actaully takes affect on the 1st of January) and I started the process. 

I have already selected a doctor (Dr. Asbun in Concord, CA), he did the RNY for a friend a few years ago.  I also had to switch my primary Dr. because he was not a supporter of WLS. I have seen my new primary doctor and he has given me all of my referals to complete the needed tests, etc...  I started attending the WLS group held at the hospital where I will have my surgery, next week I will have my appointment with the Dietician, and the week after that I will have my psych evaluation.  Last night I had my sleep study (to officially diagnose the sleep apnea) and I still need to schedule my Endoscopy (which I am scared to have!)  I will actually see Dr. Asbun on Jan. 2nd for first time but his nurse manager has really helped me get everything moving so that I am done with everything before I even get to him. She has even talked to my new insurance who has really told us what all I need to do to get the approval.  My hope is to see him and get a tentative surgery date until they get the formal approval. 

I am looking forward to changing my life...I realize that WLS is a tool and that there is alot for me to learn and be prepared for, but I am just done with being tired and sick. My biological mother (I am adopted) had all of these things wrong with her also and died at 58, she was heavy too...I do not want to die at 58.   My husband and children (24, 22 and 17) are all very active and fit and I do feel like there are things that I do not participate in with them because of my weight and/or health.  Our family owns a horse ranch/boarding facility and I very seldom ride my own horse because I am not comfortable riding at my weight.  I am looking very forward to making this change in my life.

I have browsed through this site quite a bit...still not sure how it all works yet, but I really love all the encouraging stories! I will admit that the memorial site scared me a little bit though but I am just trusting that the Lord will take care me.  The fact that all of this is becoming available to me and moving along so fast is a blessing in itself. I hope to make some new friends here and learn from everyone.

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